Fireworks explosion at Maryland Beach cancels town celebration, video show

The town of Maryland was forced to cancel the fireworks display on July 4th after the beach explosion.

The· Fireworks accidentally extinguished According to the Ocean City Fire Department, fireworks company workers were preparing them for a show in the town on Sunday near Dorchester Street in Ocean City.

A video shot by Matthew Gilberg and shared by Storyful shows an explosion on a crowded beach.

Another photo taken by Gino Pambianchi and shared by Storyful shows an explosion from the promenade. You can see smoke coming out of where the fireworks were being launched.

Employees who launched the fireworks were injured in the explosion, but “refused to transport” to the hospital, the fire department said. Others on the beach or promenade are not injured.

“Before the fireworks were unloaded from the vehicle, the fire chief secured a safe zone around the fireworks and implemented other safety protocols,” Ocean City fire chief Ritchie Bowers said in a statement. “It is exactly this zone and safety protocol that has prevented others from being injured.”

But the fire department says all fireworks shows scheduled for July 4th in Ocean City Canceled due to “adequate caution”.

Pedestrians are also banned on some of the promenades, and authorities have set up “around the fireworks,” the fire department said.

Fire officials say they are investigating the cause of the fireworks extinguishing and “inspecting each fireworks location.”

“At this point, the cause of the fireworks release is unknown,” said the fire department. “The surroundings of the fireworks are well established and will stay there until the safety inspection is completed. This may take several days.”

No other information has been released as of Sunday afternoon.

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