First grader comes to help the teacher

February 16 —ARDMORE — Cedar Hill elementary school students last month noticed something was wrong during their first year class at Tracy Hodges, and school nurse Kristin Dorning praised him as a hero.

Hodges was in the middle of teaching when he suddenly felt dizzy.

“As soon as I sat down, my vision began to blur,” Hodges said. “Then I knew my head started to tremble and told the students to go for help. That’s all I remember.”

After that, Hodges fainted and the 11 students in the classroom immediately reacted.

“They were definitely the heroes of the day,” Donning said. “They came to my office and were very calm that day and told me that the teacher had fallen out of her chair. As soon as they told me, I jumped up and ran into her classroom. rice field.”

First grader Rayleigh Blakely said the incident upset her, but she is grateful that the teacher has returned to the classroom in good spirits.

“We were running our station and I and someone else were the closest to her,” Blakely said. “We all knew something was wrong, so they all rushed to her nurse to tell her what had happened.”

Hodges said he was not surprised by the behavior of the students.

“They are really caring groups and want to help others,” Hodges said. “They show kindness to everyone who speaks every day.”

Hodges regained consciousness at school later that day.

“I remember Nurse Donning praying on me and waking up to see my husband there,” Hodges said.

Hodges later discovered that she was suffering from seizures caused by the complications of COVID-19. She didn’t know she was infected with the virus at the time.

“The only symptom I had was dizziness, so I wasn’t thinking about it,” Hodges said. “I had to quarantine for a week after having a seizure, but I was fine.”

Cedar Hill Elementary, along with Sheriff Joshua McLaughlin of Limestone, Jerem Robison, Ardmore Police Chief, and members of the Ardmore Fire Rescue Team, celebrate Hodges’ heroic deeds today.

According to Donning, there were no cases of COVID-19 at school as of Tuesday, but many students and staff were infected with the virus in January.

“As you know, there were some students who reported dizziness at that time, but all returned with a positive (COVID) test,” said Dorning.

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