First openly transgender army officer charged with trying to provide soldiers’ medical information to Russia

A former U.S. Army major and his wife, who claimed to be the first openly transgender officer in 2015, have been charged with trying to hand over medical information of U.S. soldiers to Russia, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ). indicted.

A federal grand jury has indicted Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrillian, on charges of conspiracy and unlawful disclosure of personally identifiable health information. Said Thursday’s DOJ news release.

Gabrillian and Henry of Maryland are accused of conspiring to harm the United States by providing the Kremlin with confidential health information of Americans related to the military and government.

According to the DOJ, the two allegedly conspired since last month to provide personally identifiable health information about patients at Fort Bragg and another medical institution to a person believed to be working for the Russian government. increase.

According to the DOJ, they did this “to demonstrate their willingness to provide. [individually identifiable health information] To the Russian government; and the Russian government may gain insight into the medical conditions of individuals associated with the United States government and military in order to exploit this information. ”

Gabrillian, who works at a medical facility in Baltimore, told an undercover FBI agent at an August 17 meeting that he was “motivated by his patriotism towards Russia and wants to help Russia in any way he can.” He will be fired, his indictment said (pdf). She then gave agents information about the spouses of those who work for the Office of Naval Intelligence, saying they had medical problems that “the Russians could exploit.”

According to the indictment, Henry, who worked as a doctor at Fort Bragg and is a former army major, provided agents with information about five patients at the facility. They include retired Army officers, current Department of Defense employees, spouses of US Army veterans, spouses of deceased US Army veterans, and spouses of another deceased US Army veterans.

The indictment claimed that the conspiracy began after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Prosecutors sought to help the Russian government by providing data that would help the Putin administration “gain insight into the medical conditions of individuals associated with the U.S. government and military.”

In another meeting with an undercover agent, Henry said he was also committed to Russia’s efforts, claiming he had even considered enlisting in the Russian army.

“What I see happening right now in Ukraine is that the US is using Ukrainians as a proxy for their own hatred of Russia,” he told his agent, prosecutors said. said the officer.

2015, Henry claimed In a BuzzFeed News article, he said he was the first US Army officer to come out as transgender. In that interview, he said being transgender helped him while working in the medical field.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Jack Phillips


Jack Phillips is a New York-based breaking news reporter for the Epoch Times.