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Joel McHale ate 10,000 calorie desserts daily during the filming of “Crime Scene Kitchen”

Following the closing of Season 5 of “The Masked Singer,” Fox will premiere Wednesday with its latest guessing game series, Crime Scene Kitchen. The face of this baking contest is the “community” alum, and the “masked singer” judges Ken Jeong’s best friend Joel McHale. .. But that’s exactly why Fox wanted him for a gig. “I think they wanted to go with me because the other nine refused,” McHale jokingly told The Wrap. “No, I think they wanted someone with an outside perspective who wasn’t a cake expert, because they had chef Curtis Stone and cake artist Yolanda Gamp, which surprised scientists. But obviously they were very good at cameras. But I think they wanted someone who didn’t belong to that world. It can come in a bird’s eye view. And you know, I’m extreme It’s outgoing. And they also wanted to see if I eat so much sugar. I did. “” CrimeSceneKitchen “is bread flour, flour trails, and some elusive clues. A culinary guessing game where bread flour is tasked with deciphering what type of dessert was made when only the remaining. Next, you need to recreate the recipes of celebrity judges, chef Curtis Stone, and cake artist Yolanda Gamp. They determine how close and delicious the dessert is to the lack of sweet treats. So wait, exactly how much sugar did Joel eat? By the way, at the beginning of shooting “Crime Scene Kitchen”, it was a sweet worth 10,000 calories a day. “Teams will be eliminated in each show, but the first show will be a total of 12 teams, with 6 teams in the episode, and then the teams will be merged,” McHale said. “So at some point we were eating 6 desserts a day, but I didn’t like to taste it, so it had to be 10,000 calories. It’s not me. I had to eat it. It’s like chewing it, “Am I enjoying this?” And desserts can be very complex, so you have to try them all there is. So I had to lie down a bit after taping a few times. It was as if my body felt the same after that. It was as if I drank a bottle and half the wine. But then sugar came out and I’m more ready. McHale’s “Crime Scene Kitchen” has the advantage of debuting on Fox tonight at 9pm, shortly after the finale of “The Masked Singer” Season 5. Then McHale’s show took over Fox Tuesdays, and Jeong appeared as a guest in one episode with a table spin after McHale’s many guest spots on “Masked Singer.” “Oh yeah, I was finally able to teach him what to do. When I was around Ken, feeding each other, he was one of the best I know, so my eyes You’ll be dizzy … like when we were doing [Fox’s ‘New Year’s Eve Toast & Roast 2021’], It says, “How did our lives reach this point in which we can do this together? What happened? I mean, I’m the best I’m not a human, but why can I do this? “So the joke was non-stop when Ken was in the Crime Scene Kitchen, especially because it’s high in sugar. “Crime Scene Kitchen” will premiere tonight Wednesday 9 / 8c. fox. Joel McHale ate 10,000 calorie desserts daily while filming “Crime Scene Kitchen” at The Wrap.

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