First responders find their daughter’s body while searching for an apartment in Miami

A Miami Firefighters found the body of their seven-year-old daughter on Thursday while searching through the rubble of a partially collapsed condominium.

The first respondent, not identified by the authorities, put his jacket over the child and placed a small American flag on her body when she was carried down the mountain in Gurney, He Said.. Firefighters, his brothers, and other authorities escorted her through a line of law enforcement and paramedics.

Miami Fire Rescue Commander Joseph Zaralban confirmed the development at a press conference.

“Our heart and prayer are with the family affected by this horrific tragedy,” he said. “We can see that a member of the Miami City Fire Department’s family lost their 7-year-old daughter in a collapse. She was recovered last night by a member of the Urban Search and Rescue Team in Florida’s Second Urban Area.”

Extensive damage found on the surfside in 2020 and fixing it could impact “stability”: Construction consultant

“While we mourn our loss and support ourselves, we ask you to respect the privacy of our immediate family and our fire department family,” he added. It was.

The death toll has increased to 20, and the firefighter’s daughter is the third child to be declared dead since some of the firefighters. Champlan Towers SouthThe 12-story structure, which contains 136 units, collapsed on June 24, said Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County. As of Friday, 145 to 128 people remain unaccounted for on Thursday.

Rescue operations have been suspended After Thursday, “structural concerns” were expressed about some material in a pile of 30-foot-high rubble. By the end of the day, President Joe Biden and Mrs. Jill Biden had arrived in Florida and spoke with Cava, Governor Ron DeSantis, city officials, and the families of the victims, so the first responders began digging. It was.

Florida could face another set of challenges after Hurricane Elsa was upgraded to a Category 1 storm on Friday morning. The storm that hits the Caribbean is expected to arrive in Florida between July 5 and 6, and DeSantis has warned residents that precautionary measures are underway.

“We continue to support the surfside and monitor ongoing search activities, while also preparing for the potential impact of the tropical cyclone #Elsa,” said the Republican Governor. I have written By tweet. “@NHC_Atlantic predicts that this storm could affect Florida early next week. Follow @FLSERT for progress in the coming days.”

There was speculation about the cause of the collapse of Champlain Towers South after the city of Surfside released a pile of records suggesting that the building may have been devastated. In 2018, “major structural damage” was revealed, and the complex was $ 9 Million Repair, The consulting firm wrote in an email communication.

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Another report pointed out on Friday Extensive structural damage In October 2020, the property indicated that the administrator had postponed repairs to keep the pool in service.

“Some of this damage is minor, but most concrete deterioration needs to be repaired in a timely manner,” the report reads, and structural repairs are needed to keep the building “maintaining structural integrity.” Said it was necessary.

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