Fisherman sonar discovers a mysterious object on Lake Carolina.This is what the diver found


Fisherman sonar emitted a “strange signal” of a mysterious object on Lake Wylie, prompting divers to investigate the deep sea at the York County Security Officer’s Office in South Carolina.

It wasn’t the largest fish in the world, nor was it a murky, deep creature that no one had ever seen.

They found BMW.

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, a special airbag lifts BMW to the surface of Lake Wiley.

On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, a special airbag lifts BMW to the surface of Lake Wiley.

According to Sheriff’s office spokesman Trent Farris, the car was about 50 feet offshore and 20 feet deep.

According to Farris, divers used special airbags to “float” the car on the surface of the water on Wednesday and bring it to the landing site of a nearby Allison Creek boat. It is on the west bank of the lake.

The car was reported stolen in Charlotte in 2017, investigators said.

Tegakei and Charlotte-Meklenberg police officers helped the recovery.

The fisherman discovered the object more than a month ago and immediately reported it to the sheriff’s office, Faris said. But some agencies had to coordinate gathering to get rid of the car, he said.

When a fisherman reported an object, the sheriff’s boat patrol used sonar to determine that the object was a car, and the sheriff’s diver then entered the lake to identify it, Faris said. rice field.

Faris says he rarely finds a car on the lake.

Strange things on Lake Wiley

But strange things have been discovered on Lake Wiley for years.

Observers have previously reported that salvage divers have discovered rings and gems that have long been lost. A fisherman caught Pacu, a South American fish that resembles a piranha.

In 2015, a small crocodile was seen on the lake.

Authorities recovered in August £ 2 marijuana When a police driver drives a lake near Eveniser Park in a chase from Charlotte to York County.

Smart comments

BMW’s discovery prompted a series of wise cracks from Facebook residents.

“Recently, crappie fishermen have made too many piles of brushes,” the man posted.

“Some fish get up this morning and it’s like where my car is,” the woman posted.

Another man said, “If you put it in a bag of rice, you should be able to store it,” he said, referring to a common way to get a smartphone soaked in water to work again.