Fishermen find giant megalodon teeth in oysters salvaged from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay

Another ancient shark tooth was discovered along Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, but this time it’s much larger.

The 5.5-inch megalodon tooth emerged from the bay on February 10, hidden in a large amount of oysters, according to Steven Rawlins, captain of the fishing vessel Undertaker.

This makes the tooth about half an inch longer than the one found on Christmas Day. 9 year old girl in Maryland Calvert Cliff State Park.

“When I unloaded it, it fell on top of a pile of oysters. I couldn’t believe it!” Rollins told McClatchy News.

Bambi Rollins shared her husband's tooth find to Workboat Life's Facebook group, garnering 1,000 comments and reactions.Screengrab from Bambi Rollins's Facebook page

Bambi Rollins shared her husband’s tooth find to Workboat Life’s Facebook group, garnering 1,000 comments and reactions.Screengrab from Bambi Rollins’s Facebook page

“Wow! It took a few seconds to register what I was actually seeing. I picked it up and said, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ It’s really a clock. “

Rollins and first mate Jeremiah Jerry Jordan found the tooth while dredging 20 feet of water “about a mile south of the mouth of the Patuxent River” in St. Mary’s County, he said.

Bambi Rollins, wife of Stephen Rollins, told The McClatchy News that it measures 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches.

She said she has since taken it for analysis Calvert Maritime Museum In the Solomon Islands, she learned that the tooth was eight million years old and likely on the side of a shark’s jaw.

“It’s not the biggest tooth in the shark’s mouth because it’s getting bigger towards the front of the mouth,” said Bambi Rollins.

aka megalodon “Top Predator” In their time, they roamed the present-day East Coast.”23 million to 3.6 million years ago,” According to Smithsonian Magazine.

Their average height was 6 feet and their length was 50 feet. From the 2019 report by Takahide ShimadaProfessor at DePaul University, Chicago.

a 7.48-inch tooth reportedly found in Peru It is believed to be the record size for a megalodon tooth, according to

On February 12th, Bambi Rollins shared news of the discovery with over 20,800 members of the Workboat Life Facebook group, and her post received over 1,000 comments and reactions.

“My husband says he’ll sell it for a good price,” said Bambi Rollins. Yes, and I know it will be a piece that we will show off and discuss for years to come.

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