Fishmongers’ Hall Illegal killing of victims of terrorist attacks, hearing rules

A series of failures in a terrorist attack at Fishmonger’s Hall in London killed two young men after authorities were blinded by the murderer’s “poster boy image,” a jury investigator said. I concluded.

Cambridge graduates Jack Merritt (25) and Saskia Jones (23) were convicted terrorists at an alumni event hosted by the prisoner education program Learning Together on November 29, 2019. He died after being stabbed by Usman Khan.

Kahn, 28, wearing a fake bomb vest, was attacked by a delegation armed with narwhal fangs and a fire extinguisher, driven to the London Bridge and shot dead by police.

In an interrogation at the Guildhall in London, I heard that Kahn was released from prison 11 months ago under strict permit conditions and was under investigation by counter-terrorism police and MI5.

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London Bridge terrorist attack. (Infographic with PA graphics)

However, “operational and dual” terrorists hid their intentions to murder from those who were tasked with keeping the public safe, hearings said.

The jury found the victims “illegally killed” and confirmed the basic facts about their death.

It concluded that the failure to manage Khan in the community and the sharing and guidance of the agency responsible for monitoring or investigating Khan contributed to the death.

The jury also found that there were omissions and deficiencies in the composition of the event at Fishmonger’s Hall, whose security was responsible for the death.

In conclusion of the narrative, the jury emphasized “unacceptable management and lack of accountability,” “serious deficiencies in Khan’s management,” and “insufficient experience and training” by multiple public safety agencies. ..

The jury added that “there is a blind spot to Khan’s unique risk of the image of’Poster Boy’.”

Regarding information sharing, the jury identified that “those with expertise and experience have lost the opportunity to provide guidance.”

The jury determined that the organization of the event itself had “lack of communication and accountability, and inadequate consideration of important guidance between the parties.”

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Screenshots of Usman Khan’s dateless Metropolitan Police distribution presented in court during a terrorist attack cross-examination at Fishmongers Hall in London on November 29, 2019. Photo published on April 23, 2021. wire)

At the hearing, Kahn was said to have spent eight years in prison for plotting to set up a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

According to the jury, he was more dangerous behind the bar in violence and bullying by radicalists.

When released in December 2018, he was rated by the public as “very likely to cause serious harm.”

MI5 has already launched a covert investigation with the West Midlands Police with the support of the Staffordshire Special Branch, but Khan plans to “return to the old way” and carry out the attack. I had the information that I was eager for that.

Nevertheless, information on the desire to attack was not passed on by police to others involved in managing Khan in the community, and information on the “old method” was classified as “low grade.”

According to the jury, Khan’s protection observer lacked experience dealing with terrorist criminals.

At a multi-agency Public Protection Agreement (Mappa) meeting in August 2019, a proposal was made to allow Kahn to travel unattended to London for the Learning Together event.

The jury heard that no one had disputed or discussed the risks, but there was no record of positive approval by the panel.

The Commission claimed that the “trophy” status of Fishmonger’s Hall near the London Bridge could not be recognized as a potential high-value terrorist target at the time.

The security service then noticed the plan, but did not warn against it, even though it was “skeptical” about Kahn.

The hearing reported that the ongoing investigation did not identify any suspicious activity and MI5 was considering closing it.

However, the jury heard that there were some potential warning signs, such as an outburst of anger from Khan, the failure to find a job, and an increase in his loneliness playing the Xbox on the flat. T.

After he left the approved facility in September 2019, an officer of the government’s anti-radical program spent only 18 minutes with him.

In the last few days, Kahn bought a set of knives at his rental apartment in Stafford and assembled a fake suicide bomb vest.

He took the train to London alone and wore a dummy device under a bulky jacket along the way.

The chilly image shows Khan, still in his coat, sitting next to Jones at the Fishmonger’s Hall table.

He then went into the men’s bathroom and tied two knives to his hands in the cubicle.

It was a pure coincidence that the first person he encountered was a merit. The merit was stabbed many times.

Kahn was shot dead after stabbed Jones’ neck once in a row, injuring three others screaming “Allahu Akbar.”

Nick Armstrong was “totally crazy” that Kahn was allowed to attend the Fishmonger’s Hall himself, given what is known about Kahn for Merit’s family. Said.

Fish Mongers Hall management, unaware that convicted terrorists were attending the event, should be advised to take more security measures, and Kahn is on his way to the venue. It was claimed that he should have been able to meet the police.

However, a senior MI5 officer told the jury that unjustified 24/7 surveillance was required to thwart the attack.

The jury reviewed the conclusions after hearing evidence from 84 Witnesses over a six-week period.

Since the attack, the Ministry of Justice has taken many new steps to strengthen control of terrorist offenders in the community.

They include more specialized anti-terrorism protection observers.

A polygraph test for adult terrorist offenders under license will be introduced at the end of June.

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