Fitbit is rumored to be creating a “luxury” sports bracelet

Fitbit Luxe


Fitbit seems to be about to release the first product since the Google acquisition, but it is not a smart watch using WatchOS, but a “luxury” sports WinFuture The leaked information shared shows that this product called Fitbit Luxe will be equipped with a stainless steel watch body and an OLED panel, and the material and workmanship of the bracelet itself are also higher than the general sports bracelet. Here, Fitbit pursues “balanced health in an elegant design”, so it is rumored that it will have built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring and swimming-level waterproofing.

The launch time of Luxe is not yet clear, but judging from the completeness of the leaked information, we should hear about it soon. The only question may be whether there is a market demand for “luxury sports bracelets”. After all, if most people want to find products that are one level higher than sports bracelets, they will look directly at the direction of smart watches. From some perspectives, the future of Fitbit’s sports bracelet itself is not very clear, after all, after the acquisition of Google, there is a great possibility that the product will be brought to the direction of smart watches. If this is the case, using a luxurious model as the final Fitbit sports bracelet seems to be a good idea.

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