Fitness influencers have been called heroes for calling women who call men at the gym.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll has over 6.4 million TikTok followers.Screenshot/TikTok – thejoeyswoll

  • Fitness influencer Joey Swall criticize women For calling a man at the gym.

  • Since then, he has made several other videos criticizing women doing the same thing and calling men “creepers.”

  • Many have defended him as a hero, but some worry that he’s promoting misogyny online.

Last month, fitness influencer Joey Suwoll Goes viral for defending male gym-goers TikToker’s Jessica Fernandez called her a “freak” for glancing at her.With her swollen callouts, Fernandez apologize to her own calling.

Since then, Swoll, who calls himself the “CEO of Gym Positive,” has made multiple other videos accusing women of calling certain men creepy at the gym. While we’ve been praising him for what he believes has stopped his shameful behavior on social media, some people say he encourages misogyny online.

Last week, the fitness TikToker with 6.4 million followers reposted another TikTok shared by a woman. Seemed to be staring at her and her friend at the gym.

“This guy has done nothing wrong,” Sewall said in a response video. “There’s a big difference between staring at someone and going to the gym, glancing and looking at someone. His videos have over 1 million views of him.”

In another video posted over the weekend, Swoll called out another woman who filmed an older man at the gym and called him a “creeper.” The video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, is captioned, “You can’t tell someone’s story or what they’re going through. Please stop.”

Commenters are rooting for Swoll for allegedly exposing these women, calling Swoll a “hero” or “Legend.”

“This is someone’s dad :(” One commenter wrote about a recent video, most of the comments celebrating the original poster deleting his account after being called out by Swole .

But despite the fanfare Growing wave of backlash Also in Swoll’s video. People are wondering why he only targets female posters (although he also has summoned a man action at the gym). A dissenting discourse has grown so large, about when men are allowed to glance at men in the gym and when women feel threatened enough to pull out their cell phones and film. This discourse has gotten so big that people are joking about it on Twitter.

“I caught a guy at the gym glancing at me. I smiled at him. He smiled. We both went back to our jobs… harmless behavior.” Written by fellow influencer Vanessa Sierra.

Some users find this problem not funny at all.His critics believe his fans are using influencer content to go viral misogynistic rhetoric, It’s like blaming unwelcome glances on how women choose their outfits at the gym. They also worry that his calls will encourage potential violence against women who feel threatened and choose to pull out their cell phones to gather evidence.

He’s also drawn criticism for his ways parachute on video It exposes less popular creators to millions of viewers without much context.people also think he is unjust frame video To discredit those women. Regardless of where he stands in discourse, his videos have sparked a fiercely negative reaction to gym culture. separate gym or overtly ban women from them.

Suwol did not respond to multiple requests for comment from insiders.

But like all discourse that has culminated online, it has also spawned microgenres. Meme TikTok A place where people laugh about all the nonsense.

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