Five conservative leadership candidates clash over tax, trust and gender self-identification


Five UK Conservative leader candidates hoping to become the next prime minister on Friday appeared in their first television debate, focusing primarily on taxes and spending and trust in politicians. rice field.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, the only candidate to oppose immediate tax cuts, clashed with other candidates on this issue.


Snacks defended the increase in national insurance in April and said it would like to make sure that the National Health Service is “properly funded.”

Foreign Minister Liz Truss has promised to cancel the hike immediately, abolish the green energy tax and allow people to buy invoices.

Truss argues that the pandemic is a “every 100-year event” and that Britain has less debt than the United States, and tax cuts by diversifying the debt accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic over a longer period of time. Said to fund. Canada and Japan.

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Rishi Sunak, a candidate for Conservative leader at Here East Studios in Stratford, east London, July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

However, Snack dismissed the plan as a “fairy tale,” saying that “starting unfunded borrowing and more debt … worsens inflation and prolongs the problem.”

“For all monetary policy, the money supply wasn’t tight enough,” said Mr. Truss, who appeared to have swiped a snack that was prime minister until he resigned 10 days ago.

Penny Mordaunt said he would raise income standards in line with inflation and halve the value-added fuel tax.

She refused to be drawn into corporate and other tax levels during the debate, but suggested lowering taxes.

“Next April, we will be one of the least competitive countries in terms of tax competitiveness in this country. It is unacceptable. We cannot tax on the road to growth. “Mordant insisted.

Mr. Truss also believes that imposing corporate taxes is wrong and wants to look at “national low tax zones” to attract investment.

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Chemiba de Knock, a candidate for Conservative leader, at the Here East Studios in Stratford, east London, July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

Kemi Badenoch rejected the premise that tax cuts must reduce public spending, arguing that spending “if there is growth” does not need to be cut.

Badenoch said it operates on a platform that doesn’t over-promise or scale down the government, and while it’s not urgent to “promise everything right away,” it will reduce fuel taxes.

Badenoch did not mention the green tax during the debate, but said, “Much of what we are doing can be financially damaging to our country,” the UK’s 2050 Net Zero. The only candidate who refuses to commit to the goal.

“The pledge was made in 2050 in 2018, and none of us will come here as a politician in 2050. We will not be held responsible and will not be held responsible when the time comes. Setting goals is very easy, “she said. “The important thing is to ensure that this is done in a sustainable way.”

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Tom Tugendart and his wife Anisia Tugendart will leave the Here East Studios in Stratford, east London on July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

“I’m surprised to hear that the candidate wants a tax cut because Thomas Tagendat is the only candidate who hasn’t held a ministerial post and is” the only person who didn’t vote to raise national insurance. ” “. Applause from the studio audience.

The Diplomatic Commission chairman said he used a £ 30bn shortfall in OVR’s forecasts and that members were talking to him about “predictable investments” rather than taxes.

“That is, what I’m talking about is full spending, permanent full spending, which allows businesses to invest,” he said.

Truss, Badenoch and Mordant were all government ministers when they voted for an increase in national insurance.

Badenoch, who resigned on July 6, said it was easy for backbenchers to “sit behind the class and tell everyone what they were doing wrong” and jibe back to Tugendat. Defended the decision.

“When he has to be a minister, he will have to take [sic] It’s a difficult decision, “she said.

Boris Johnson

Candidates were also asked to answer whether they believed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was forced to resign on July 7, was an honest person.

10 Downing Street and the Minister defended the Prime Minister before the massive government resignation that caused Johnson’s downfall. After Johnson acknowledged his knowledge, they later changed lines and said he had forgotten about his claim because it happened a few years ago.

After Johnson was fined by police at a birthday party in Downing Street during the blockade, after the Prime Minister assured Congress that the COVID rules had not been violated.

In answering the question, Badenoch said Johnson was “sometimes” honest, while Tagendat said straight “no.”

Mordant said Johnson’s premiere had “some really serious problems” for which he “paid”.

Snack said he tried to give Johnson a suspicious benefit and resigned when it was “enough.”

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Liz Truss, a candidate for Conservative leader at the Here East studio in Stratford, east London, July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

Truss said Johnson “made it very clear that he made a mistake in the government,” but she took his explanation for the inaccurate statement “at face value.”

Gender self ID

Mordant also clashed with Badenoch over his past stance on gender self-identification.

“I have never agreed with self-ID,” said Mordant, a former Minister for Women and Equalities, while discussing gender awareness laws.

“I can’t imagine why people don’t understand me and are causing this problem to flow backwards for weeks and weeks, but I’m happy to state my position and evidence to support it,” she said. Told.

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Penny Mordaunt, a candidate for Conservative leader, at the Here East Studios in Stratford, east London, July 15, 2022. (Victoria Jones / PA Media)

When asked if he would accept this, Badenoch, who was the Minister of Equality until he resigned this month, said, “When I took office as Minister of Equality in 2020, the policy being promoted was self-ID, so I think it’s difficult.

“I wasn’t working with Penny, but I understood that the former minister who played that role wanted a self-ID. That was my reversal with Liz. “

Truss refused to reveal whether she thought the mordant’s position on gender identity had changed.

A Snap voting Of the 1,000 voters after the debate, Tagendat, who had the least support from parliamentarians, suggested that he had the best results during the debate.

Two more television debates will be held on Sunday at ITV and Monday at Sky before MPs vote to eliminate three of the five candidates.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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