Five developments as Russia loses 65% of its ground combat power

Citizens leaving near Mariupol's Azovstal Ironworks-Reuters / Alexander Elmochenko

Citizens leaving near Mariupol’s Azovstal Ironworks-Reuters / Alexander Elmochenko

good morning. According to the Ministry of Defense, more than a quarter of Russia’s commitment to Ukraine’s 120 battalion units are “combat disabled.”

The loss is equivalent to about 65% of Russia’s total ground combat power and includes elite units.

“Some of Russia’s most elite units, including the VDV paratroopers, are suffering from the highest levels of decline. It will probably take years for Russia to restructure these units.”

Meanwhile, the first evacuees evacuating from the abandoned Azovstal ironworks in Mariupol were scheduled to arrive in Zaporizhia, under Ukrainian control, on Monday morning, the UN said in a “safe transit operation.” After confirming that there was, President Wolodimil Zelensky said.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereshchuk said hundreds of civilians were trapped in steelworks in a situation “signed of a true humanitarian catastrophe” due to lack of food, water and medicine. Said there is.

This is what happened overnight.

1. Pelosi and other US lawmakers visit Kyiv with “weapons, weapons, weapons”.With in mind

Nancy Pelosi visited Kieu on Saturday as the highest-ranking US lawmaker to travel to Ukraine since Russia began its invasion.

Accompanied by a U.S. Army veteran, Rep. Jason Crow, a member of the House Intelligence and Armed Services Commission, he has three things in mind: weapons, weapons, and weapons. He said he was there.

Mr. Pelosi’s visit took place a few days after Russia launched a rocket in the capital during the visit of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

Rzeszow, Poland-May 1: Nancy Pelosi will hold a press conference next to US parliamentarians after visiting Kieu in Rzeszow, Poland on May 1, 2022.

Rzeszow, Poland-May 1: Nancy Pelosi will hold a press conference next to US parliamentarians after visiting Kieu in Rzeszow, Poland on May 1, 2022.

2. Russian troops fire at Azovstal Iron and Steel, CNN reports

Russian troops fired again at the Azovstal iron and mill in Mariupol on Sunday night, breaking the ceasefire and evacuating about 100 people.

Ukrainian soldiers said on local television that Russians were using “weapons of all kinds” to attack steelworks, according to CNN reports.

The alleged attack followed the long-awaited rescue of civilians from the besieged steelworks. There, the last pocket of resistance remains in the city.

Approximately 100 civilians have been safely evacuated on Sunday, with more evacuation planned on Monday.

According to CNN, it’s unclear if the new attack will thwart these plans.

3. Russia will attack US weapons at an airfield near Odesa, the Pentagon says

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday that it attacked weapons supplied to Ukraine by the United States and European countries, destroying the runway of a military airfield near the Ukrainian city of Odesa.

The ministry said it used high-precision onyx missiles to attack the airfield after Ukraine accused Russia of knocking out a new runway at Odesa’s main airport.

Governor Maxim Marchenko of Odesa said Russia used a fortress missile launched from Crimea.

The report could not be validated individually.

4. Jill Biden meets Ukrainian refugees during a visit to Romania and Slovakia

Mrs. Jill Biden will visit Romania and Slovakia from May 5th to 9th to meet with U.S. military personnel and embassy staff, Ukrainian parents and children of displaced people, humanitarian workers and teachers. Her office said on Monday.

Biden will meet Ukrainian mothers and children displaced by the war with Ukraine in Russia on Sunday, which is celebrated as Mother’s Day in the United States, her office said.

President Joe Biden’s wife met with U.S. military service members at the Mikhail Kogarnico Air Force Base in Romania on May 6, and then headed to Bucharest, where Romanian officials, U.S. embassy officials, and humanitarian workers, I will meet a teacher who works with the Romanian children of the displaced.

The trip also included stops in the Slovak cities of Bratislava, Kosice and Visne Nemecke, and Biden will meet with government officials, refugees and aid workers, her office said.

First Lady Jill Biden attends the annual White House Correspondents' Association. Association dinner on Saturday, April 30, 2022 in Washington.  (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)-Patrick Semanski / AP

First Lady Jill Biden will attend the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, April 30, 2022 in Washington. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)-Patrick Semanski / AP

5. Russia turns to avoid default

Russia has announced that it has paid several dollar-denominated arrears on foreign bonds, shifting the market focus to the next payment and announcing whether to stop the historic default, which could have avoided the default. There is sex.

Since the invasion of Ukraine in late February and sanctions by the United States and its allies, Russia’s $ 40 billion international bonds and potential defaults have been the focus of global financial markets.

Called “special military operations” by Russia, this invasion has transformed Russia into a Paria, including financial markets, involving the ability to pay debt.

The possibility of default increased dramatically when the United States stopped the Kremlin from using the freeze reserve to pay its bondholders about $ 650 million.

Russian Ruble Banknotes-REUTERS / Kacper Pempel // File Photo

Russian Ruble Banknotes-REUTERS / Kacper Pempel // File Photo

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