Five fathers were killed while breaking up the fight hours after his sister’s funeral

“They need to get these guns. Try removing some of the guns from the street,” said the victim’s mother.

Just a few hours after attending my sister’s funeral Earl Simmons I was shot because I tried to break up the battle ABC 6.. It was also his 54th birthday.

Simmons was in the neighborhood of Shenley Drive and was shot around 8:24 pm on March 26th. A police officer found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound and he was taken to the hospital in crisis. According to him, he died at 8:53 pm. Man.

“They need to get these guns. Try removing some of them from the street. Too many people have died from the guns,” said Simmons’ mother. Betty Simmons-Williams.

Earl Simmons Image: Facebook

Earl Simmons Image: Facebook

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Witnesses said Simmons disbanded the battle before “some weapons were fired” and one of the bullets “fatalized” Simmons. Columbus Police Station..

Prior to the tragic quarrel, Simmons was preparing for his relatives to stop by to celebrate his birthday. His sister wants an answer.

“I need help to find out who killed my brother. Why did they kill my brother? They didn’t have the right to kill my brother,” he said. Jacqueline Burley.. “I need help with this. I need a closure.”

At this time, the people involved in the shooting have no reeds, but the family says their faith helps them survive the tragedy.

“One of the best people you want to meet. He will carry you a shirt. He was that type of person. He’s just a fun lover,” said Simmons’ cousin. Ted chrome..

“It’s very tough for the family. We trust and pray for Almighty God, and we put trust and faith in God, which is why we continue every day.”

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As reported by theGrio, Texas girls were also victims of recent gun violence.

according to KPRC-TV, Laurionne Walker, 6 was shot deadly on the morning of March 19, and police in Pasadena, Texas, a suburb of Houston, charged the suspect. Raymeon Means, 35, capital murder.

neighbor Mauricio Alvarez, Who recalled KPRC Often looking at the means around the apartment complex where the shooting took place, the suspect knocked on the door and said, “Oh, can you see if the water is falling because the little girl clogged the toilet? “said. .. ‘”

Alvarez said KPRC The next thing he heard was a way to discuss with other residents of the complex. He also heard someone hitting the car, and someone said, “Get out of here. Get out of here!”

He continued KPRC, “He went upstairs, and we sounded like 4-5 shots, and he started running, and we started hearing screams.”

“Now, the language is at a loss,” he said. Earline House, Walker’s grandmother. “My granddaughter was still a baby. She was shot twice in the chest this morning.”

The incident is less than a week old, with tragic losses to the family. Polskia branchAccording to, 28-year-old victim of a fatal March 14 car accident that also killed three children in Brunch KPRC..

Additional report by Jamal A. Hansberry

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