Five members of the Argentine family are missing

As a lifestyle photographer, Graciela Cattarossi has seen many beautiful places, including sunny beaches and charming hotels. But for her, the center of the universe lived there, so the most beautiful sight in the world was on the surfside: her 7-year-old daughter Stella.

Argentine-born Catalossi, 48 years old. Launched a photography business She herself was a single mother who did everything with the single-minded goal of making her daughter’s life better.

“Her dedication to her child was unmatched,” said Catherine Rooney Bella of Miami, her friend who has known Catalossi since she was a neighbor at the Grand Venetian in Miami Beach in 2008. ..

Cattarossi, Stella, and Cattarossi’s parents, Graciela and Gino, lived in Unit 501 of the Champlain Towers on the surfside, which collapsed early Thursday morning. Consul Uruguay confirmed that Catalossi’s mother, named Catalossi, was a Uruguayan national and a Uruguayan diplomat in the late 1960s.

It was Catalossi’s sister Andrea, whose husband was staying in Argentina, who visited his family at the time of the collapse. The entire family of five is missing.

Graciela Cattarossi, daughter Stella, 7 years old, Graciela's parents Gino and Graciela Cattarossi. Not shown in the photo is Andrea, Graciella's sister, who was staying with her family at Champlan Towers.

Graciella Catalossi, daughter Stella, 7 years old, Graciella’s parents Gino and Graciella Catalossi. Not shown in the photo is Andrea, Graciella’s sister, who was staying with her family at Champlan Towers.

Bella, whose children go to von Wedel Montessori with Stella, said that Catalossi’s generosity extended to friends as well as family. The photographer took a maternity photo of Vera and presented her as a gift to commemorate her belief that she would be Vera’s last child. Then Bella became pregnant with her fifth.

“She was very excited about me,” Bella said. “She said,’I’m ecstatic!’ She worked hard for everything she had, and she was very generous.”

She describes Catalossi as “grounded” and “a little bohemian.”

“She was aware that she was healthy in all aspects of mind, body, spirit and emotions. She was very healthy. She played tennis and made her daughter overall and healthy. I was conscious of growing it in a way. “

Stella Catalossi celebrates 7th birthday party

Stella Catalossi celebrates 7th birthday party

She was also an immigrant who fully embraced the adopted country.

“She loved everything we represent,” Bella said. “She once said,’Americans must understand what they have, stick to it, and fight for freedom.'” She loved the essence of America. “

But always Stella came first. Mother and daughter were close. They shared a bed. Bella wonders if her friend has time to wake up before the disaster and reach out to Stella to draw her.

“I hope she puts her arms around her little girl,” she said.

Graciella Catalossi and her daughter Stella.

Graciella Catalossi and her daughter Stella.

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