Five more bodies found in mass grave



The crew found five more caskets of suspected 1921 victims. Tulsa Racial massacre, according to officials.

The discovery of five additional caskets brings the total number of people found in the mass grave at Oaklawn Cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma to 20.

Investigations began last year and crew found at least 12 different bodies believed to have been victims of the slaughter, but authorities have not yet confirmed that these people were killed during a horrific event. , Was scheduled to be investigated at a later date.

With the latest discoveries, excavation and analysis was scheduled to be completed this week, and the crew was scheduled to begin a formal excavation process for the bodies found on June 7.

State archaeologist Kary Stackelbeck estimates that more than 30 bodies may have been buried here.

During the massacre that took place from May 31st to June 1st, 1921, white mobs were found in houses in the overwhelmingly black-dominated Tulsa district of Greenwood, including the thriving business district known as Blackwall Street. Looted a company. The mob also attacked the inhabitants, making it one of the most violent racial events in US history.

News coverage of the incident was largely silent about what happened during the genocide.

After the massacre, city officials claimed that only 36 people, including 12 whites, were killed. However, historians now estimate the death toll to be 75 to 300.

Thousands of inhabitants have lost their homes after the slaughter.

Finding additional caskets takes place within a week of the 100th anniversary of the slaughter.

President Joe Biden This week, I was the first incumbent president to visit the site and talk about racial injustice.

“For too long, the history of what happened here has been covered in darkness and told in silence,” Biden said. “My fellow American, this was a slaughter, not a riot.”

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