Five people killed in an avalanche near the Swiss border in Austria

Vienna — An avalanche in the Austrian region bordering Switzerland killed five people on an unusually dangerous day in the Alps after heavy snowfall and subsequent warm weather, a rescue team spokesman said Friday. rice field.

At the beginning of Friday, we hit the ski slopes in Soelden, a popular resort area where another avalanche occurred. So far, five people have been rescued here.

He added that another person caught in a deadly avalanche near the town of Spice on the Swiss border was slightly injured and rescue helicopters from Switzerland and Austria were deployed.

According to Ortler, it was not immediately clear what activities the victims of the Spiss avalanche were involved in or where they came from.

Ortler initially lost one and killed four. Andreas Bauer, another control center supervisor, later said the missing person had died. The total number of participants including minor injuries was 6.