Five people were killed in two separate wrong-way clashes in Chicago, Forest Park

A total of five people were killed in two crashes on the Eisenhower highway on Monday morning, according to Illinois State Police.

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ALEXIS MCADAMS: Such a tragedy tonight-as you said, two separate collisions in different areas of the highway. A total of 5 people have died. Witnesses tell us they rushed to help, but the car was already on fire.


Two cars were engulfed in flames after a violent collision on the Eisenhower highway.


Two women were killed in the crash, which involved a driver in the wrong direction.

TRINITI: Yeah, that’s 290.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Troopers say she was running backwards when a woman had a head-on collision with another car at Eisenhower shortly after 1:00 this morning. The deadly crash took place on Des Plaines Avenue in Forest Park.

TRINITI: All tires are popping out. Similarly, we continued to hear the explosion.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: Triniti was called 911 in the first scene. She says one of the drivers involved just speeded her up shortly before the crash.

TRINITI: [INAUDIBLE]!!Yes, well, there was that silver car [INAUDIBLE]..

ALEXIS MCADAMS: As several good Samaritans rushed for help and the flames continued to grow, the man ran toward the fire.

TRINITI: They got a car and went to help. And there’s this one guy you’re going to see here in green. Like, he really did. He was there as before the police came, and he really tried to save them.

ALEXIS MCADAMS: It was one of two deadly wrong-way crashes that occurred overnight at Eisenhower. A total of 5 people died.

Someone was killed in the car.


ALEXIS MCADAMS: The second crash occurred at about 1:30 this morning in the inbound lane of I-290 near Halstead. The black Land Rover was driving westward in the eastern lane east of the 90/94 split when it hit the Ford Edge. Then Ford Edge hit a third car.

So was anyone in another car? Did anyone have another car?


We could have saved them [INAUDIBLE]..

ALEXIS MCADAMS: The crash killed three people and severely injured others. State police are still investigating.

Others were rushed to the hospital, along with five who were killed in two separate crashes at Eisenhower this morning. We are waiting for their status to be updated tonight as well. The passenger of one vehicle was also one of the people killed. Authorities have not disclosed the names of those who died in the crash.

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