Flags raised before and after Remembrance Day, government confirmed

The Canadian flag was raised on November 7 at the Federal Building and the Peace Tower in Ottawa prior to Remembrance Day and can be lowered in honor of veterans, the government said on November 5. ..

“Raising the flag at this time can celebrate and recall important moments in Canadian history,” said a joint statement on Canadian heritage and indigenous relations and the Northern Canada issue.

The flag was lowered in May, acknowledging the discovery of an unmarked tomb on the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Following the Remembrance Day ceremony, the government said the flag remained a perfect mast. Every year on September 30th, it is dropped on a half-mast to commemorate the day of national truth and reconciliation.

In addition to November 11, when the flag is traditionally lowered to honor Canadian Veterans, the flag is also lowered on November 8 to commemorate Indigenous Veterans Day. They are raised again on the same day of sunset.

According to a government statement, the flag “commemorates the indigenous children sent to housing schools for those who have never returned home and in honor of families whose lives have changed forever. It remained a half-mast. “

“As the most important symbol of our country, the act of raising the Canadian flag with a half-mast for the longest period in Canadian history speaks to an extraordinary sense of loss.”

The Liberal government was under pressure from the opposition Tories to raise the flag.

“The Canadian flag is the symbol of our most important nation and represents the past as well as our dream of a better country. The Conservative Party of Canada today called for the flag to be raised with the start of the memorial week. That’s why, “conservative leader Erin Outur said in a statement on November 5.

“It was appropriate to lower the flag to recognize the tragic history of our housing school and the indescribable trauma it caused to the indigenous peoples of Canada for generations. It was Justin Trudeau’s decision to lower the flag without any protocol or to plan to return the Canadian flag to its legitimate place. “

At the beginning of November 5, the First Nations plenary session requested that the orange “All Children Important” flag be raised along with the flag of the federal government building.

National Chief Rose Anne Archibald agreed that Congress “must raise the flag before the anniversary so that all veterans will be honored when they are dropped on the half-mast on November 11.” Stated. Congress also said it would support lowering the flag on November 8th to commemorate the Day of Indigenous Veterans.

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Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.