Fleve or strategy?Fort Worth police list wrong candidates for incumbent mailers

Fort Worth Police Officers Association With the support of incumbent councilor Jungus Jordan, we went back in time and sent a campaign mailer listing opponents for the 2019 and 2017 races instead of this year.

This week, the association sent voters in District 6 of the City Council a mailer with a large photo of Jordan under a green banner showing their support. However, four out of five members of the Police Association listed as Jordan’s opponents have not participated in the vote for two to four years.

Only Jared Williams, a non-profit leader and science educator, is correctly stated to be running for District 6 this year. Tiesa Leggett, Vice President of Advocacy for the North Texas Commission, has been completely excluded from mailers.

Under Jordan, Mailer’s first name, Darley R. Davis Jr., ran with Rod Smith in 2019. Paul E. Hicks and Nicholas St. John participated in 2017.

“We surveyed Fort Worth City Council candidates and shared our findings with you here,” reads the top line of the mailer.

Manny Ramirez, chairman of the Police Association, said the issue was not due to a lack of investigation, but to the simple mistake that “the vendor got the wrong copy.” Ramellis has accused the mayor of Fort Worth, the council, the school board, and the confusion of having to track the historic number of candidates running for the Talent Regional Water District.

“It certainly wasn’t a strategy of any kind, nor a fundamental motivation,” Ramirez told Star Telegram.

First elected in 2005 and the longest councilor, Jordan did not respond to a request for comment. Leggett and Williams didn’t call either, but both posted the leaflet on social media.

Legget is a Facebook post on Monday, mailer It is deliberately deceptive and intended to undermine her campaign. She called it “another example of showing our community that the voice of a black woman is not important.”

“Omitting me was a way to mute me, but I’m here,” she writes. “This leaflet tells a lot about the exclusive climate of our community.”

Williams said on Twitter that voters were worried that the mailers would be confused.

“I was shocked that they didn’t know who was actually in # FW District6,” he wrote.

Ramirez said the association would talk to the vendor and fix the error.

“Ultimately, I’m responsible for the products we put out,” he said.

Approximately 60% of Fort Worth police live outside the city limits, but the board of directors is an influential group of regular supporters and election donations.

In the mayoral election, the Fort Worth Police Officers Association supported Matty Parker, who served as council chief of staff for five years. In other council races, the association has approved incumbents or candidates associated with current council members.

▪ ▪ District 2: Incumbent Carlos Flores

▪ ▪ District 3: Michael Crane, councilor Brian Bird, reports to the district.Bird is running for mayor

▪ ▪ District 4: Incumbent Cary Moon

▪ ▪ District 5: Gyna Bivens, incumbent

▪ ▪ District 7: Approved by several former District 7 Council members, including Leonard Firestone, retired councilor Dennis Singleton.

▪ ▪ Distinct 8: Kelly Allen Gray, incumbent.

▪ ▪ District 9: No approval