Flood deaths in northern Turkey increase to 27


Members of the search and rescue team will evacuate locals during a flash flood that struck the town of the Black Sea in Turkey on August 12, 2021 in the town of Bozkult in Kastamonu, Turkey. (AFAD) Handouts via Press Office / Reuters)

Istanbul — Flash floods that hit Turkey’s Black Sea town killed 27 people, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Friday in a second natural disaster that hit Turkey this month.

Floods have caused turmoil in northern states, as authorities have declared that wildfires that have raged the southern coast for two weeks have been subdued.

According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD), floods in Kastamonu killed 25 people and two more in Sinop.

The search for the missing person continued in Bartın.

Eight people were killed and tens of thousands of hectares of forests were devastated in the same week that UN commissions said global warming was approaching dangerously swirling out of control and extreme weather events would be even more severe. And a fire broke out. ..

According to AFAD, more than 1,700 people have fled the disaster area, some with the help of helicopters and boats.

According to footage shared by the Interior Ministry, the helicopter lowered Coast Guard personnel to the roof of the building and rescued those who were stranded when the flood struck the street.

The floods damaged the power infrastructure and lost electricity to about 330 villages. AFAD added that five bridges collapsed, many other bridges were damaged and roads were closed. Part of the road was also washed away.

Television footage showed that the flood was dragging dozens of cars and piles of debris along the street.

Darren Butler