Floods and landslides urge British Columbia to impose a state of emergency

Vancouver — British Columbia has declared a state of emergency after an unprecedented flood that evacuated residents, blocked access to multiple highways and killed livestock.

British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan declared a state of emergency and said it would help maintain basic access to services and supplies for the community throughout the state.

He says the government will introduce travel restrictions to ensure that necessities and medical and emergency services reach the communities that need them.

Hogan asked the inhabitants not to store things and said that what people needed was what their neighbors also needed.

All major routes between Lower Mainland, British Columbia and the endorheic were cut by floods, washouts, or landslides when record rains hit the South Coast.

Agriculture Minister Lana Pofam says thousands of animals have died and the state is in a hurry to take veterinarians to other animals at risk of death.

She says desperate peasants flooded with property tried to boat their animals, but some had to be abandoned and even those taken out of the barn were in poor health.

“It can also be said that many farmers tried to move the animals, but had to leave because the road underneath had disappeared,” she said.

Canadian press