Floods in northern Spain kill two people and lose crops


On December 13, 2021, people are standing near the border of the flooded area near the Ebro River in the small village of Pradilla de Ebro, Aragon, northern Spain. (Alvaro Barrientos / AP photo)

Madrid — More than 50 people were evacuated on Monday from a region of northern Spain that was hit by record floods following heavy rains and snowfalls.

Spanish officials have accused the river of flooding with the deaths of at least two people since Friday, leaving the Navarra and Aragon areas exposed to severe weather warnings.

In Novillas, a village of 520 near the border between the two regions, the flooding of the Ebro River has ordered local governments to evacuate 55 residents. River water levels have risen to 8.5 meters (27 feet) in some areas, breaking records in floods six years ago.

In Zaragoza, the capital of the Aragon region, authorities prepared for a flood on Tuesday that hit a city of 680,000 people. In the upper reaches of Navarra, known for its vegetable crops, residents assessed flood-related losses.

According to the Spanish Meteorological Agency, the combination of heavy storms and thaw over several days has caused a surge in the Ebro River and its tributaries.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Monday that the Cabinet will issue a “catastrophic zone” declaration to release special emergency funds for areas affected by the storm.

Associated Press