Floods predicted across Britain as Stormbarra brings ice, wind and rain


Storm roses are expected to bring ice, wind and rain and can cause floods in parts of the UK on Wednesday.

Dozens of flood warnings have been issued across the UK, and the northeastern and Scottish communities are beginning to recover from the devastating effects of Storm Awen.

Thousands of homes were out of power for up to 10 days due to 100mph of wind and heavy rain at the end of November.

Northern Powergrid has not confirmed that all homes are connected by Tuesday night as promised.

Stormbarra moved from the west on Tuesday, and yellow weather warnings for wind were issued on the west coast of Wales and southwest England from midnight to 6 pm Wednesday.

Aberdaron in Gwynedd, Wales was hit by a strong wind of 86mph on Tuesday, and Orlock Head in Down of Northern Ireland faced a gust of 76mph.

A Met Office forecaster said Storm Barra wasn’t expected to cause as much turmoil as Storm Awen, but Scotland has already caused travel delays and school closures.

Spokeswoman Nicky Maxi said:

“Storm roses will bring strong winds and heavy rains to many parts of the UK today.

“It may snow even on high ground.

“I don’t think it’s as influential as last week’s Storm Irwen, but it’s going to be a raging situation and people still need to prepare.”

ScotRail warns that some Wednesday services will be canceled due to the storm.

Annual temperatures on Wednesday are mild and are projected to be 7 and 8 degrees Celsius in Cardiff, 4 degrees Celsius in Edinburgh and 6 degrees Celsius in Belfast in London.

The Environment Agency has issued 11 flood warnings to England, including Hartlepool and Sunderland in the northeast, Bournemouth and Weymouth in the south, and parts of the Cumbrian coast.

Approximately 66 flood warnings have been issued nationwide in areas where floods may occur.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has sent 11 flood warnings and 5 warnings to the northeastern and southwestern regions of Scotland.

Natural Resources Wales has also issued 12 flood warnings and 11 warnings, primarily for coastal areas.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that more than 1,000 homes have not yet been powered, but Northern Powergrid boss Phil Jones said, “Affected real estate will be reconnected at the latest tomorrow (Tuesday). Was guaranteed. “

“Too many people have spent too long without power,” Johnson said, and the situation in northern England was unacceptable.

The Dumfries and Galloway school was forced to close due to the weather.

According to the council, the Stranler Academy was closed after the wind caused structural damage to the roof, and the Drummore School was closed after the trees were blown away.