Floods wash cars into the sea, damaging houses in northeastern Spain


Alcanar — On Thursday, the northeastern town of Spain, Alcanar, assessed the damage to homes and businesses caused by floods caused by heavy rains over large parts of the country.

Residents said they were fortunate that more than 250 liters per square meter (45 gallons per square yard) were dumped into the town between 12:00 am and 6:00 pm Wednesday, without losing their lives. ..

“We had to go upstairs to the apartment and put it all in the hands of God,” said Rosa Maria Sancho, the owner of the restaurant on the Alcanar promenade.

Flash floods quickly turned the streets into fast rivers, which wiped out all of their roads. Several cars were carried away and about 12 were thrown into the waves of the Mediterranean. Homes and businesses were full of mud, water and debris.

Sancho’s daughter, Carla Bayeri, said she was helplessly watching “a part of the terrace went into the sea.”

Other parts of central and northern Spain, including Madrid, were also flooded on Wednesday.

Firefighters used a helicopter to rescue three people in serious danger. I had to pull more from a car caught in rising waters.

Local authorities moved 58 residents to the hotel, and another 16 spent the night in a crib in the sports pavilion. Four people had to be rescued at a nearby campsite that was also badly damaged.

Paquita Aubalat was relieved that his 93-year-old father, Vicent, was rescued from Alcanar’s home by his neighbor when he was overwhelmed by the water.

“He spent his life (at his house), but the important thing is that he is safe,” Aubalat said.

Authorities were working to reestablish the passage of roads and train lines that were impassable by mud and water.

Northern Spain and most of its Balearic Islands have been on the alert for storms for two consecutive days.

The National Meteorological Service of Spain said the country is seeing heavy rainfall and an increase in drought.

“Spain is observing periods of heavier torrential rains and longer droughts interrupted by these heavy rains, especially at points in the Mediterranean,” said National Weather Service spokesman Ruben del Campo. Told.

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