Floor collapses during a large party near the University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia (AP) — At least 25 people were injured when the floor collapsed during a large party in a two-story house near the University of Georgia.

Athens Clark-County police said the incident took place in Athens around 1 am on Friday. Police estimated that 500 people were at the party when the ground floor of the house collapsed into a crawling space, media reports reported.

Injuries ranged from cuts and scratches to possible broken arms, but investigators said the case could have been worse.

“I’m grateful that this unexpected event didn’t get worse than it really was,” said Captain Nate Moss of the Athens Clark County Fire Emergency Services. “Often overcrowding is on decks and floors. It can lead to collapse, especially in older structures. In this case it was the lack of altitude that helped. These people should consider themselves lucky. “

When the firefighters arrived, the Athens police were already at the scene of removing people from their homes. Fire trucks had a hard time arriving at the scene because “a large number of vehicles and people were blocking the street.”

“When our crew finally got home, they found a two-story house on top of a high crawl space,” a fire department official said in a news release. “During the party, dozens of people overcrowded the space, causing most of the ground floor to collapse into crawl space.”

Law enforcement agencies were contacted to see if the property could be blamed.