Florida boy reels with a .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle while fishing

On a refreshing winter weekend in South Miami-Dade, Florida, the boy and his grandfather went fishing along the canal. It wasn’t the fish they got involved in, but the holy mackerel was their prey.

Duane Smith was shocked when his grandson Allen Kadwarder pulled in two .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifles during a Miami Herald magnet fishing. report..

After watching a YouTube video, Smith and Cadwallader decided to go out with a magnetic rod and draw a line on the C-102 canal.

“In the end, we had two pounds of scrap metal and a 40 pound gun,” Smith told the Miami Herald, adding, “I thought this was a beginner’s luck because it was my first time.”

However, luck was struck twice and the pair pulled up the second rifle after one drop of the first rifle.

“Bullet had a great deal of mass,” Smith said. “The magnet went straight to them.”

Smith, 61, who previously served Army infantry, said he was interested in the lower receiver of firearms, where serial numbers are usually located. He immediately called the police.

“The person who did this is not your mundane criminal,” Smith said. “It was like someone wanted to come back.”

The gun is currently being processed at a local forensic laboratory.

This wasn’t the first time people went “magnet fishing” and found an old weapon.

This YouTube video shows the discovery of an old Nazi MG-42 machine gun in World War II.

“It’s a very exciting video for me!” MjrCarnyx-WW2 Metal Detecting posted a video that was played over 280,000 times in 2019. “As you can see, I spent a few spectacular days with the Dutch WW2 magnet hunters. It was absolutely incredible, and I was enough for them who took me. I can’t thank you. I hope you enjoyed it. “