Florida cadet arrested for overdose of fentanyl

Wilton Manors, Florida (AP) —Police arrested at a Florida villa during a spring vacation in connection with an overdose of fentanyl involving five cadets at the US Army Military Academy.

The Wilton Manners Police Department said six men and one woman overdose cocaine contaminated with fentanyl and were taken to the hospital on Thursday.

Authorities said they had been arrested late Friday, but did not provide more detailed information about the person’s identity. Florida authorities have identified the patient only as a college student in New York. However, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Military School said on Saturday that five West Point cadets were involved, four of whom were transferred to hospitals.

A West Point official told The Associated Press on Friday that two of the cadets involved were soccer players and one of them was hospitalized.

Fire officials told AP on Friday afternoon that two patients were seriously ill and were on ventilator. The rest were stable or in good condition, and at least one was released from the hospital.

“This incident serves as a clear reminder to everyone, especially those visiting during Spring Break, about the deadly effects of fentanyl,” Wilton Manners police said in a statement.

Investigation is ongoing.