Florida cheerleader suspected of having stabbed 114 times, teenager suspected of being an adult

Florida teens He was reportedly attempted as an adult Authorities killed the girl on Thursday with a vicious attack that stabbed the victim’s head with a broken knife and stabbed her 114 times.

14 years old on murder charges 13 year old Tristyn Bailey The Patriot Oaks Academy cheerleader on the outskirts of Jacksonville in St. Johns was initially charged with second-class murder. NBC News does not name the suspect because he is a minor.

13-year-old Triston Bailey.  (St. Johns County Sheriff's Office / via Twitter)

13-year-old Triston Bailey. (St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office / via Twitter)

However, the brutal act called for more severe charges and led to a grand jury prosecution for first-class murder in an adult court, said RJ Larizza, a seventh judicial circuit lawyer.

“It’s not a pleasure to prosecute a 14-year-old boy as an adult for first-class murder,” Laliza told reporters.

“But as with management, it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to review all the facts, all the circumstances, the laws of application, and prosecute him as an adult. It’s a sad decision, it’s sad. State. “

The girl On May 9, he was found dead in a forest area. According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s probably a conservative statement to say that it was horrifying,” Lariza said. “In conclusion, it’s only planned because of the number of puncture wounds Tristyn Bailey had to suffer. You can certainly guess. “

Of the 114 puncture wounds, 49 appeared to be defensive wounds on the girl’s hands, arms, and head.

“Every time the arm came back, every time the arm went down, it was planned,” Lariza said, waving in a stabbing motion.

According to the prosecution, the suspect told a friend that he “went to kill someone,” and the victim’s DNA was on the suspect’s clothes.

“He didn’t say who the person was, but he showed the witnesses that he was going to take someone to the woods and stab him to death. This is certainly the case.”

Image: Suspect Snapchat in a police car. He is currently detained in Florida for the murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey.

Image: Suspect Snapchat in a police car. He is currently detained in Florida for the murder of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey.

On May 9, the suspect posted a selfie on social media, blinking a peace sign from the back of a police car. A representative of the sheriff’s office said the suspect had taken a picture while Bailey was still missing, saying he was only considered a witness.

“Everyone hasn’t seen Triston lately,” he wrote on his selfie.

According to officials, a knife believed to belong to the suspect was found in a pond near Bailey’s body. According to Larizza, the tip of the blade was “broken” and “a coroner stabbed into the victim’s scalp.”

“It’s hard to hear it all,” said Howard “Skip” Cole, commander of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. “We fully support the grand jury’s prosecution.”

The lawyer, who is listed on behalf of the suspect in online court records, was out and asked for comment on Thursday night, but did not respond immediately.

The Bailey family praised the work of the sheriff’s office and the district attorney’s office for Thursday’s progress, calling them “part of the first steps to bring justice to Triston’s murder.”

“As we move forward, we strive to bring Tristyn’s memory to life and maintain the spirit of the community.”

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