Florida Condominium Collapse Increases Deaths

Confirmed number of deaths Collapse of apartment It rose to at least 12 on Tuesday, according to Mayor Daniella Levine Cava of Surfside, Florida. Search and rescue teams removed more than £ 3 million of debris from the site of the collapse as they searched for the remaining 149 people of unknown origin.

First responders expressed shock on some of the first calls from the scene on the morning of the collapse.

“There are 13-story buildings and most of them are gone, which would be a high priority,” said one respondent.

According to the recording, “This building doesn’t seem to be stable.”

“There are a lot of people on the balcony,” said the respondent. “The building is gone. There is no elevator. This is nothing. That is, it’s almost like a trade center.”

Residents who evacuated replied, “It sounded like I heard the bomb.”

What We Know About Florida Condo Collapse Victims

It’s not yet clear how the building collapsed in the middle of the night Since then, it has come to light There was structural damage due to poor waterproofing under the deck. letter From the chairman of the condominium board to the residents in April, he said repairs would cost millions of dollars.

Structural engineer Arin Kirsheimer, who was hired by the city of Surfside to investigate the collapse, said: “.

Chris Heimer has extensive experience investigating other disasters such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and Florida International University. Bridge collapse In 2018.

He said one piece of the puzzle was what the lobby clerk heard before the main collapse. “He heard a muffled boom. After X seconds he heard a bigger boom, and after Y seconds he heard a bigger boom. So there were three booms. I think the second boom was understandable. The first I don’t know what it is, “said Kirsheimer.

Two months ago, the condominium president Jean Wodnicki wrote to a resident of the building as the price of repairs highlighted in the 2018 engineering report rose to $ 15 million. The investigation found “serious structural damage” in the concrete slab.

“Visible damage, such as in the garage, is significantly worse, in addition to the accelerated deterioration of concrete,” Wodnikki wrote.

“The way I read those documents would have made me think that the building would collapse if I read them at that time, nothing I saw,” Kirs said. Heimer told CBS News.

Sarah Lynch Baldwin and Michael Kaplan contributed to this report.

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