Florida cowboy says “non-surviving” swamp where police are looking for Brian Laundry


“No buzzer, no body”: Experienced ranchers and outdoor men living outside the crocodile-infested nature reserves looking for Brian Laundry do not expect the fugitives to be there. Are you alive or dead?

Florida rancher Alan McCueen says he has been navigating the suspected forest where Brian Laundry is hiding almost every day for the past three decades and has not encouraged residence.

“Nothing has survived here. I don’t know how to say it,” McCueen told Fox News Digital.

Laundries Survival skills have been at the center of conversation since the 23-year-old parents first reported him. No Only two days after being declared interested in the disappearance of his fiancée on Friday, September 17th. Gabby Petit.. The couple traveled all over the country for several weeks before Petit’s death.

Many enthusiastic hikers live deep in the 25,000-acre forest for weeks in a nature reserve known to be frequented by Brian after Laundry’s parents turn authorities to the Carlton Reserve. I started to guess if I could do it.


Machuen, who has helped Northport police look for a reserve to look for signs of a laundromat, remains suspicious if Youtuber has what it takes to make it in a swamp-like reserve for more than two days. is.

“I’ve spent my whole life in the woods … I’ve learned a lot in my life, and one thing I know is that no one is going to walk there and survive for two weeks. “Makuen said.

Laundry reportedly entered the reserve nearly two weeks ago, and heavy rains have flooded the area with waist-deep water, making many places where laundry is said to be unrecognizable. I did.

“He’s not there unless he has a duck-like ass and can’t float,” McCuen said when he gave Fox News Digital a tour of a park sunk in his swamp buggy. rice field.

Even if the laundry manages to withstand the damp conditions, he will still have to face a wide variety of wildlife that has captivated the reserve with ecologists across the country.

The Carlton Reserve is home to 13-foot crocodiles, leopards, black bears, wild boars, and deadly snakes. McCueen says that even if Laundry could dodge the most horrific predators in the park, the insects alone could be enough to prey on him. News digital.

According to McWen, the park’s unmanageable situations are endless.

Veteran ranchers who had to step deep into Carlton’s forest to retrieve wandering cattle say the reserve’s grounds are covered with thick brushes that hide the land’s terrain. You will be seriously injured if you step into the ditch or get out of the shelf.

Asked about the possibility that the laundromat died trying to hide in the reserve, McCueen was convinced that Laundry’s body had been found so far.

“I’ll look up at whatever dead I find in the woods. I’ll see the buzzard flying like crazy,” he said. “There is no buzzard, the body is not my theory, and I have never seen a buzzard fly.”

To increase the likelihood that Brian is still in the park, McCueen tells Fox News Digital how easy it is for someone to enter the reserve and take off in any direction, on long highways and vast roads. Emphasized the various passageways leading to the Everglades or a few acres of ranch land.

“He could be everywhere,” McCueen speculated.

Many were frank when Laundry’s parents, who remained silent and uncooperative while law enforcement was investigating the death of their son’s deceased fiancé, turned authorities to Carlton. I was skeptical about that.

The dangerous situation in the reserve is not the only thing that keeps five fathers, McCueen, from believing in laundry. “I would be looking for them now, if I thought it was his whereabouts,” he told Fox News Digital.

Christopher and Roberta Laundry had their home bet on the media for two weeks, but did not participate in all search activities. Laundry’s parents only took care of the garden a few times away from their home in West Florida to perform basic errands, except for some vague remarks made through a New York-based lawyer. I refrained from talking.

“I couldn’t imagine my child going missing like this. I’m crazy. I didn’t mean to mow the lawn. I can promise. That’s where I’ll be last.” Said.