Florida environmentalist Janet Reno’s sister dies at age 81

Stuart, Florida (AP) — Environmentalist Maggie Herchara, a strong supporter of her sister Janet Reno (former US Attorney General), has died in a fight to protect Florida’s wetlands. She died on Saturday at the age of 81.

The non-profit Friends of the Everglades confirmed Hurchalla’s death and called her a legend.

“Maggie’s influence on the Florida conservation movement cannot be exaggerated,” the group posted on its website, adding that her granddaughter Kim Harchara is part of the staff. “Her advocacy was underpinned by her deep love for the Florida wilderness.”

Hurchalla served as a commissioner in Martin County for 20 years. She also traveled to talk about her sister Reno, who became the first female Attorney General under President Bill Clinton. Hurchalla strongly supported Reno’s 2002 campaign against the Governor of Florida.

In 2013, she spoke to an episode of “The Simpsons,” which portrayed Reno as a character, but her sister was unable to speak long lines because of Parkinson’s disease. Her death in 2016..

Hurchalla played an important role in environmental recovery and was a member of the Governor’s Committee of Sustainable South Florida. She was known for kayaking in the Everglades near her home in Stuart, Florida.

“She was a natural creature. She took us on a voyage. Her family, friends, children, so many members of the county, and wanted to take a walk in nature. They are completely strangers, “says her daughter Jane Harchara. Treasure Coast Newspaper..

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court Refused to hear the appeal According to Hurchalla, who tried to remove the $ 4 million ruling on her criticism of a rock mining project near the Everglades.

Her son, George Herchara, told the newspaper that she was recovering from her second hip surgery on Saturday when she was suffering from cardiac arrest at home.

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