Florida Governor De Santis blows up Biden’s administration for causing a “huge catastrophe” on the southern border

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DeSantis suggests corporate political impact from “Genuflect” to “Wokeness”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned Fox News in a comment to Sunday Morning Futures that businesses wouldn’t “wake up” and “create.” When asked what he thought of the Major League Baseball decision to move the All-Star game away from Atlanta, Georgia, DeSantis hinted that the company should expect some form of retaliation. MLB is launching an all-star game in Colorado in protest of Georgia’s recently passed election law, which requires all voters to have a photo ID, bans the distribution of food and water at polling stations by political groups. Moved to Denver. “I think they have the right to do what they want, but if you intend to stab your beak into a problem that is not directly related to you, the elected official may not be related to them. I think I’m going to stab them in their beaks, “Desantis told host Maria Bartiromo. “What about all the other jurisdictions you are in, quote,” a more restrictive law, “” DeSantis added. “What about the fact that you are dealing with the Chinese Communist Party, the fact that you are dealing with the Cuban Castro administration?” MLB’s Ron DeSantis moves the all-star game from Georgia: “You are directly If you’re going to beak on unrelated issues, I think the elected officials are going to beak on issues that aren’t related to them. “Pic.twitter.com/MGxSKuZLWY — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) April 2021 DeSantis warned on the 18th, “By trying to give in to this awakening … they will tie a knot to please the far left.” Georgia’s voting law was passed in response to President Trump’s allegation that the Democratic Party “stolen” elections through widespread fraudulent voting. Democrats, including President Biden, have criticized Georgia law for the latest information on Jim Crow laws designed to block African-American voting. Hundreds of companies signed a letter last week against “discriminatory laws” that make voting difficult.