Florida Governor DeSantis is trying to overturn CDC’s cruise restrictions in the state, saying that the rage of Delta variants across the United States is having a negative impact on Florida’s economy.

Ron DeSantis

Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis spoke at a press conference in December 2020 at Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Associated Press Photo / Chris O’Meara

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promised to overturn a court ruling in favor of the CDC’s conditional voyage orders on cruise lines amid a nationwide surge in Delta variants.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set health guidelines and restrictions for cruise lines to follow in order to sail. Florida officials argued that the restrictions were too strict to prevent most cruises from hitting the water.

In June Judge Stephen Maryday of the US District Court From 18 July, it issued a provisional injunction that would overturn the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but authorities requested that the decision be postponed.

Late Saturday night, the Court of Appeals panel granted the CDC’s appeal to postpone the injunction with a 2-1 decision that DeSantis promised to overturn by legal action.

“At this point, most courts think there is a limit to the CDC’s issuance of these orders without statutory grounds,” the Governor of Florida said at a press conference Monday. “So we are confident that we can win the case in the full 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.”

“Honestly, we are confident that we will win the US Supreme Court,” he added.

A CDC order led the state to file a proceeding in April in an attempt to deprive the state of the federal health agency’s cruise industry and lift the restrictions.

“One of the reasons we did that wasn’t just that it was an important industry for our state,” he said. “We are working on it, but it raises a bigger issue. Parliament can put one institution in the government, basically just closing the industry, without passing the law. Is it? “

“Maybe you don’t care about the cruise industry,” continued DeSantis. “Next time it may be your industry. Next time it can affect people you know, or those who depend on it for their livelihoods. Therefore, it has many important implications. I think.”

The Desantis court battle occurs when the United States is facing the epidemic of a delta variant of the coronavirus. Vaccine division is widespread in the country.. Several cruises have reported cases of COVID-19 in boats since the cruises relaunched in an effort to resume last month.

2 passengers “Fully vaccinated” Royal Caribbean Cruises tested positive for COVID-19 Two passengers on MSC Seaside COVID-19 was also positive.3 people on board Alaska cruise The line was infected with COVID-19.

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