Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Bans CBDCs in State


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Friday banning the use of a “centralized digital dollar,” also known as central bank digital currency or CBDC, in the state.

DeSantis has continued his relentless attack on the CBDC, saying last week that the CBDC is part of the .Awakened Politics“He wants to fight it. Currently, the portion of Florida law that defines money clearly states:”The term does not include central bank digital currencies. ”

During the press conference, DeSantis hypothesized that President Joe Biden’s administration had announced: CBDC research Last year, the company hoped to “massively eliminate and eliminate other types of digital assets like cryptocurrencies.”

Standing behind a podium reading “Big Brothers Digital Dollar,” Mr. DeSantis said the government would stop people from buying gasoline to fight global warming, and how often someone buys firearms. He suggested that CBDC could be used virtually to track

“Anyone with an open eye knows the dangers that this type of arrangement represents for Americans who want to be financially independent and want to conduct business without the government knowing about every transaction taking place in real time. You should know.” ”

Ron DeSantis resumes attack on CBDC as part of ‘woke politics’

invoice, SB-7054had only voted against it Last congressional remarks in the Florida House of Representatives last week.When DeSantis introduced the bill MarchHe said the CBDC would “monitor the Americans and control the Americans.”

A few days later, DeSantis announced that the state of Florida would: accept bitcoin However, it is only paid by businesses, not individual taxpayers.

Although he has yet to announce his candidacy, DeSantis is topping polls for Republican candidates and recently published a book outlining his position on what he calls “woke” politics.