Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Inaugurated for Second Term

Tallahassee, Florida (AP) — Republican Governor Ron DeSantis The potential 2024 presidential candidate swore in for a second term on Tuesday and said freedom lives in Florida.

The ceremony came after Florida’s three independent elected cabinet members were sworn into office. He took the oath in front of the state’s historic Capitol. In this Capitol, the main street through the city was renamed Ron DeSantis Way for the day.

DeSantis defeats Democrat Charlie Christ, The former Republican governor and Democratic congressman rose more than 29 percentage points in November. He was a big blow in a state known for its close elections, winning the statewide vote by a similar margin to other Republicans.

In the process, DeSantis built a national image, often traveling the country to raise funds for himself or campaign for other candidates.

DeSantis used the endorsement of then-President Donald Trump to land a surprise victory in the 2018 gubernatorial race. DeSantis has gained popularity primarily for her fight against COVID-19 restrictions, constantly attacking President Joe Biden, speaking out on issues such as illegal immigration, and criticizing parents for their school textbooks, guidance, and anti-LGBTQ policies. It has given us more control over policies that are considered to be

Politically, DeSantis made the state more conservative by getting involved in local politics, reorganizing the school board, and taking full control over the rewriting of the map of Congress, giving Republicans power in the House of Representatives. has helped me to

Now, anyone who can credit Trump’s success is seen as the top Republican to challenge him in 2024.

Florida’s legislature begins in two months. DeSantis is promising legislation that will create what he calls tax cuts that are friendly to his family, expand gun rights and make it harder for teachers to join unions.

While not giving details, DeSantis said he supports additional restrictions on abortion.