Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threatened to investigate GoFundMe after saying he would redistribute funds in collaboration with the organizers of a Canadian truck driver vaccine protest fundraiser.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantisMike Aman / Getty Images

  • GoFundMe has suspended fundraising due to Canada’s protest against its cross-border tracker vaccine obligations.

  • Friday’s GoFundMe announced that it would work with the organizers to redistribute the funds to other charities.

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the plan a “fraud” and said he would investigate “deceptive practices.”

Governor Ron DeSantis, in collaboration with Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, said he would send the rest of the Freedom Convoy campaign to a charity of his choice, and then talked about “deceptive practices.” He said he would investigate GoFundMe.

On Friday, Platform blocked $ 10 million With a donation intended to go to Canadian truck driver vaccine protest. The protest was last weekend by a truck driver Working across the US-Canada border must be vaccinated.

In a statement, GoFundMe said $ 1 million would be released earlier this week and funding organizers would spend the money on people traveling to Ottawa to participate in peaceful protests.

“Given how this situation has evolved, no further funding will be distributed directly to the Freedom Convoy Organizer. All remaining funding will be selected by the Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizer and will be selected. It will be sent to a trusted and established charity validated by GoFundMe, “said the platform.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said Washington post On Saturday, there were 1,000 vehicles, about 5,000 protesters, and at least 300 opposition protesters in the city.

“This is a siege,” Throry told Post. “This is different from what I have ever experienced in our democracy.”

Saturday morning DeSantis Said, “It’s a scam @gofundme To command $ 9 million in donations sent to assist truck drivers and give it to the cause of their own choice. “

The governor called on donors to get their money back: “These donors should be given a refund,” he said.

But his remarks came after GoFundMe had already announced. It will change that approach and instead send refunds to all donors.

“We will automatically refund all donations directly — donors do not have to submit a request,” the platform said. statement..

The DeSantis office and GoFundMe did not immediately respond to Insider’s email comment request.

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