Florida man drives to space force base to “warn government” about “US aliens fighting Chinese dragons”

A Florida man was arrested for using a stolen truck to break into Patrick Space Force Base and attempt to warn the US government about the war between aliens and Chinese dragons.

Cory Johnson, 29, from Ocala, Florida Arrested on friday.. His arrest affidavit stated that he stole the 2013 Ford F-150 three days before driving to Patrick Space Force Base in Brevard County.

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Johnson reportedly admitted to Brevard County lawmakers that he stole his car while on the Riviera Beach and didn’t know who the owner was.

According to the arrest affidavit, President Biden ordered him to steal a truck in his head and drive to a space force base to “warn the government” about “US aliens fighting Chinese dragons.” Stated.

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The Florida manDetained in Brevard County Jail, was charged with a large-scale theft of a car.his Bonds were reportedly set For $ 3,000.

Featured image via Jonas Bengtsson (((CC BY 2.0)

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