Florida police sergeant is accused of battery and assault after seeing a police officer grabbed in his throat

Was a Florida police sergeant Seen in a body camera video grabbing another officer Last year, in her throat, she was charged with assaulting and assaulting law enforcement officers, officials said Thursday.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Broward said in a statement that Christopher Pruse, 47, was also charged with tampering and assaulting civilians in the November 19 case.

According to a statement, Pullleys, who was released from supervision in January, was accused of “intentionally touching and hitting” against the will of a female officer and assaulting her when she applied pepper spray to her face.

The prosecution said the alleged assault on a civilian who had been arrested for allegedly violent felony when the incident occurred was prompted by Pullleys, who holds a spray on the man’s face.

Affidavit of possible causes Obtained by Sun Sentinel in South Florida He accused Pullease of attempting to “damage” his cell phone for use in criminal trials.

Muted by police to protect internal investigations, the blurry video shows a pleasure that appears to be handcuffed and talking to a suspect behind a police car.

According to Sunrise Police Chief Anthony Rosa, you can see a female officer approaching him and grabbing his duty belt, which appears to be trying to pull him away.

The video shows turning the pull wreath wheel, pushing the policeman back into another police car and grabbing his throat lightly. He doesn’t seem to have a pepper spray deployed.

In a January statement, Rosa said an unnamed sergeant had arrived at the scene and approached the suspect. The suspect said Rosa was “verbally and physically resistant.”

“I verbally quarreled and approached the suspect in a way that I felt inappropriate and unprofessional,” Rosa said. “This supervisor does not exacerbate the emotional situation, but rather. Escalated the encounter. At Sunrise Police, it is our habit to escalate a tense incident and do everything we can to calm the turmoil. “

Rosa also praised the female police officer and said she was acting according to the department’s policy of seeking intervention in the event of “imminent fear of escalating the engagement unnecessarily.”

Rosa did not immediately respond to the request for comment on Thursday, and the messages left on the phone numbers listed under the name of Plouise were not immediately returned. It was not clear if there was a lawyer to speak for him.

The local branch of the Fraternal Order of Police also did not immediately respond to the request for comment, Get January Statement By Florida television station WSVN, the union president accused Rosa of “publicly ridiculing” Pluse during an internal investigation.

The status of Pullease in the department was not immediately apparent. If convicted, he faces five years’imprisonment for charging a felony battery and five years’ imprisonment for falsifying evidence. He faces an officer’s assault for a year and a civilian assault for 60 days.