Florida Republicans Advance Tough Bill Wave

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The Florida Parliament has been a long and painful month for state trumpist governor Ron DeSantis and opponents of his right-wing Republican loyal band. Numerous bills, Right of diversity, Abortion protection When Freedom of speech at school, In addition to suggestions Legally protect whites Because of the “discomfort” of the state’s racist past.

And last Wednesday, the anti-Masker doctor, carefully selected by the governor and indifferent to the value of the Covid-19 vaccine, was unanimously endorsed by the Republican Senate as the next surgeon general, following a walkout by Democratic politicians. Was Frustrated by Joseph Ladapo’s avoidant personality disorder..

To hear DeSantis say that, “Free state“Florida” is only following the will of populist citizens against the perceived tyranny of the federal government and is determined to protect its freedom in the face of the alleged deadly pandemic. increase Over 64,000 Confront the “education” of their fellow residents and of their children.

Not yet 2024 Presidential Candidate Encourage critics to turn Florida into what they consider to be his own conservative territory – in effect Trumpistan South “Owell-style” election police – DeSantis finds that opposition is starting to solidify.

Many of the 21 million people in the states that elected him in 2018 Barely 32,000 votes, Seems dissatisfied with the creeping authoritarianism and wants to show DeSantis. Ask for reelection in November – Florida is not the bright red state he believes.

These voices come from parents, doctors, LBGTQ + activists, voting advocates, and others who will be affected if many of the Republican bills go to law as expected.

“People don’t like the authoritarian nature of this governor and how he armed fear among his members to try to curry favors at his base,” he said. Brandon Wolff, Development Manager and Spokesperson for Equality Florida.

“And you’ll see it appear in polls. I know people are worried that Florida will be gone forever. But we’re in the election cycle. Let us know that we are fully intended to mobilize and participate in our community. “

Wolf pointed out some areas he said that DeSantis’ movements gained little traction.

“Florida is a beautiful and diverse state. I live in downtown Orlando. There are people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identity, etc. I live in Orlando. We all live in this wonderful tapestry in central Florida, “he said.

“I can tell you that it’s not the conversation that’s happening in Tallahassee that involves people here. Its rents will rise 29% in 2021 and Florida will lead the country in rising house prices. And people are concerned that the governor has essentially made Covid-19 a political battlefield.

“But the legislature focuses on legislation as if it had full authority to manage people’s lives, as if it had won by a 99 to 1 difference in 2018. It’s shameful and disappointing. “

The issue that the Republicans consider to be Florida’s priority is lean meat against DeSantis’ conservative foundation. This includes a 15-week abortion ban bill. Chaotic hearing on Thursday, And move to give to parents Say more about the classroom curriculum School library management.Educators in Pork County this week Went from school to school Pull 16 books flagged as inappropriate by a group of conservative parents. This includes Khaled Hosseini’s 2003 bestseller The Kite Runner.

They include an invoice to Strengthen the governor’s fierce anti-immigrant stance By keeping companies involved in the transportation of undocumented immigrants out of state or local government operations.

And two Medical bill Introduced to the Republican-controlled Florida State Parliament, opponents say they will further blame and isolate the LBGTQ community. One is advertised as a vulnerable child protection law and considers professionals who provide gender-verifying medical care to minors as a crime. The other is when the medical professional grants the right to refuse treatment or procedures, including sex reassignment surgery or abortion for moral reasons.

“It not only denies their right to access the procedure, but also protects individuals who have a conscientious reason they don’t want to do it,” said Republican Senator Dennis, the sponsor of the bill. Baxley told Sun-Sentinel.

Perhaps the most angry proposal is parental rights in education bills, the so-called “gay bills,” which prohibit primary schools from discussing sexuality and gender identity except in unspecified “age or developmentally appropriate” settings. I am. , And will allow parents to sue.

“Prohibiting classroom discussions will effectively erase LBGTQ students and their families, and the history of LBGTQ,” said Democrat Carlos Guillermo Smith, who strongly opposed the bill in parliament. rice field.

“If a fourth grader wants to come to the classroom, they wrote an essay about their two fathers. They presented the essay to the class about who they were or who their family was. I want to talk. Will the school shut down? “

Wolves, on the other hand, see a straight line from DeSantis’ own political ambitions from a surge in reactionary legislative action.

“These bills don’t live in silos. Abortion bans may not be tied to a license to discriminate in medical bills. Don’t Say Gay bills may not be tied. It’s easy to see the scatteredness of this law from the outside and see them as individualized, “he said.

“But the truth is that they are all connected, and what connects them is that Governor Ron DeSantis and his allies push to the right of Donald Trump to run DeSantis for president in 2024. It is a collaborative attempt.

“In Florida, you are free, but you are free to act and say as you are told.”

Lauren Book, a state senator representing some of Florida’s bluest county, Broward, refused to repeatedly say whether the vaccine was effective in fighting Covid, and then became the Florida surgeon’s chief. Led a strike by a Democratic colleague at this week’s confirmation hearing at Ka Ladapo-19. His view It looks like the DeSantis people who frequently quarreled with the Biden administration over pandemics and banned mask and vaccine obligations in Florida.

“21 million Florida people are more than a mouthpiece for the governor than speaking a good-sounding, story-worthy sound bite,” Book told CNN. Her criticism called DeSantis and Ladapo “Support policies that go against evidence“.

Jabari Hosey, Chairman of the Education Advocacy Group Family for a safe schoolHe said DeSantis and Republican allies’ actions, especially in banning Covid’s security measures, were inconsistent with the wishes of the majority of parents and guardians of Florida’s 2.7 million school-age children.

“He represents a small and noisy group of parents,” he said. “We feel omitted, and when he chooses a group of a few people on the far right who make legislative decisions, it’s like a punch into the gut.

“Like Don’t Say Gay, making these bills is a dog whistle, a repressive tactic, and a way to force people not to talk about these things and therefore not accept them. Parents who disagree with this. It’s scary for us. We really believe we are the majority and want to move forward, not back. “