Florida restaurants didn’t pay the server and forced the server to work “just for the tip,” the Ministry of Labor says.

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Under Florida law, restaurants must pay workers a minimum of $ 6.98 per hour. However, only if the staff earns at least $ 3.02 in chips per hour. (The employee in the photo is not the restaurant worker mentioned in this story.)Westend61 / Getty Images

  • Florida restaurants forced them to work “only for tips” by not paying servers, DOL said.

  • Rosy’s Mexican Restaurant also didn’t give other staff overtime, DOL said.

  • According to DOL, it violated child labor law by having minor jobs done later in the school week.

A Florida restaurant did not pay the server and forced them to work “on tip alone,” a US Department of Labor study found.

“We couldn’t pay the server and had to rely on the customer’s tip as the only compensation,” said E & E Quezada Food Services, operator of Rosy’s Mexican Restaurant in Jacksonville. Press release Wednesday.

Rosy’s was also unable to pay for overtime when the dishwasher, cook, and some servers worked. Over 40 hours a week, According to DOL. Also, accurate salary and shift records were not maintained.

According to DOL, the restaurant pays a total of $ 118,042 in wages and damages to 10 workers.

“By refusing cash wages on the server, forcing them to live on tips alone, and refusing overtime to other workers, Rosy’s Mexican Restaurant is dependent on all dollars for these employees. It made it difficult to take care of myself and my family, “De Jesús, director of the Orlando office of the DOL’s Wages and Times Division, said in a press release.

The incident provides insight into the situation experienced by some workers in hospitality, a sector that has witnessed a record staff spill.Millions of restaurant workers Quit their job During a pandemic due to low wages, lack of benefits, and poor working conditions.It encouraged some restaurants to offer improved ones wage There are benefits to hiring and retaining staff.

Some former hospitality staff returned to education, retired early, Flocked to higher paid jobs in other industries..

According to DOL, Rosy’s also worked a 15-year-old child after 7 pm school week. this is, Fair Labor Standards Act.

The minimum wage in Florida is currently $ 10 per hour.Under state law, restaurants must pay workers at least wages $ 6.98 For an hour, the staff provided will earn at least $ 3.02 per hour on a tip.

Rosy’s did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment outside of normal working hours.

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