Florida Secretary of Defense ordered by Ukraine by SECDEF

160 soldiers of the Florida National Guard, deployed in Ukraine since November, have been sent by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.Ukrainian eaves amid growing concernsAccording to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, n of the Russian attack.

According to the media release Kirby, soldiers assigned to the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team were ordered to relocate elsewhere in Europe. They have provided advice and guidance to the Ukrainian Army as part of the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine.

Russian troops step up deployment near Ukraine, new satellite imagery

According to media announcements, Austin “takes great care-with the safety and security of our staff in mind first-and is informed by the State Department’s guidance on Ukrainian US staff.” I gave it.

“This relocation does not mean a change in our determination to support the Ukrainian army, but it does provide the flexibility to guarantee our allies and prevent aggression,” the release said.

Task Force Gator Soldier with NATO Allies and Partners, “Mentor and advice According to the JMTG-U website, the Ukrainian Army Observer Controller / Trainer at the Combat Training Center near Yavoriu. According to the website, they do this by adopting a “training trainer” approach, allowing Ukrainians to take the lead in training the revolving brigade.

According to the website, they are also working to “develop and implement systems to improve combat training and enhance the capabilities of training centers.” “Combat Training Center-Yavoriv provides the army of the Ukrainian Brigade with sub-brigade group training.”

An additional 3,000 paratroopers head to Europe as the White House warns of an invasion of Ukraine

Last Saturday, Kiev State Department officials announced that they would suspend the service of the consulate at the Kiev embassy and move some personnel to Lviv in the western part of the country.

“It seems more likely that this situation is heading for some sort of vigorous conflict,” a senior State Department official told reporters Saturday morning.

On Friday, President Joe Biden ordered 3,000 members 82nd Airborne Division Join an army of 3,000 people already mobilized in Poland, Germany and Romania.

There are more than 100,000 Russian troops around Ukraine.

According to Kirby, again on Saturday, Austin spoke with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu.

“They talked with Crimea about Russia’s growing power around Ukraine,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden will be calling high stakes on Saturday as tensions over the imminent invasion of Ukraine have skyrocketed. Before talking to Biden, Putin is supposed to call French President Emmanuel Macron, who met him in Moscow earlier in the week to resolve the crisis.

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