Florida sheriffs call the shooting suspect a “coward” after arresting him

NS Florida sheriffs called former Marine snipers “cowards” after four suspects raised their hands and surrendered to authorities after a lengthy shootout.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Pork County revealed that authorities had spoken to two residents of Brandon, Florida. They said a man they didn’t know spoke to them. The man said he had a mission for God and needed to talk to the inhabitant’s daughter, Amber. Both residents denied having a daughter named Amber and told police about the strange case.

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Authorities spent the next nine hours looking for the man. Police heard gunshots early Sunday morning and found a burning truck and a glowing stick making way. Police followed the path and found a man in camouflage and full-body armor. The man withdrew home. There, authorities could hear more gunshots, women screaming, and babies whining.

The shooting battle between the police and the shooters continued, forcing the shooters to retreat home. He eventually surrendered to the police unarmed.

“I wish he came out with a gun,” Judd said. Press conference.. “We would have shot him a lot, but he didn’t because he was a coward. When someone chooses to give up, we detain them peacefully.”

Judd revealed that the archer was named Brian Riley. Riley, 33, is a former Marine sniper who served in Iraq in 2008 and in Afghanistan in 2009.

According to Judd, Riley killed four people in the attack. Among them is Judge Gleason, a 40-year-old resident, a 33-year-old woman, and a three-month-old baby she was holding. Another woman Riley killed is 62 years old and is believed to be the baby’s grandmother. Riley also killed her family dog, Diogi.

Another victim, an 11-year-old girl, was still alive, but had at least seven gunshot wounds and was taken to Tampa General Hospital. Judd said there was no known relationship between the shooter and his victims.

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Riley’s girlfriend told police that he was suffering from PTSD and has become more unstable recently. She said Riley had previously told her that he had been sent to a divine mission and had stockpiled supplies he claimed to be for the victims of Hurricane Ida.

Judd told police he was taking methamphetamine after police arrested Riley.

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