Florida steakhouse owners say they have become a full-time chef who cooks 200 steaks a day due to labor shortage pressure.


Jay Johnson, owner of Bubba's Roadhouse and Saloon, works in the kitchen

Jay Johnson, owner of Bubba’s Roadhouse and Saloon, cooks in the kitchen.Baba Roadhouse and Saloon

  • The owner of a Florida steakhouse has become a full-time chef due to a lack of staff.

  • Baba’s Roadhouse cooked 400 steaks on Father’s Day, but had to close the next day due to lack of staff.

  • The lack of staff means that Bubba had to remove the item from the menu and do it without the hostess at the door.

Due to the shortage of Florida steakhouse staff, owners need to be full-time chefs who cook about 200 steaks a day.

Ja Johnson, owner of Cape Coral’s Bubba’s Roadhouse and Saloon, told insiders in an interview that he works seven days a week, eight hours shift to close the workforce gap. There should be 12 people working in the kitchen, but only 9 people.

“In addition to spending the night on actual line cooking for five months, he was also a meat-cutting craftsman,” Johnson said, adding that he hired an 18-year-old girl to teach him how to cut meat.

According to Johnson, Baba’s biggest challenge is to stay open and take care of his customers. The steakhouse had to close on Monday because there were no workers available after Johnson readjusted the schedule, and all staff worked on Father’s Day, one of the busiest days of the restaurant. I did.

“Customers will definitely suffer if there are few staff,” Johnson said. “The service is slow and affects guests.”

On weekends and busy days, Baba cooks cook about 200 steaks and other dishes, according to Johnson. On his Father’s Day, the restaurant served up to 400 steaks, he added.

The Ministry of Labor The minimum wage in Florida is $ 10 per hour, but employees with tips are required to receive $ 6.98 per hour. Florida Restaurant and Rosing Association.. Johnson pays kitchen staff $ 13 an hour and front staff $ 7 with a tip, while bartenders can earn up to $ 400 a day, while they’re between $ 150 and $ 200 a day. He said he could earn dollars. Everyone pays for overtime, he added.

Due to the lack of staff, Baba had to take various items from the menu at night and run the hostess without greeting guests, Johnson said.

According to Johnson, Baba’s staff were exhausted on a six-day schedule, leaving one worker behind due to burnout. He added that other employees left because they returned to college and moved around town, and some were fired because they were not suitable for Baba.

Johnson said the labor shortage has improved in recent months, but Baba’s workforce is still inadequate and continues to make things difficult.

“I’m happy to be out of the kitchen every day,” Johnson said.

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