Florida town police force all officers to resign.happened elsewhere

The small-town police force is going black after all officers resign, a Florida town has announced.

Filed by 6 Melbourne Village Police Officers Their resignation August 15, most of them will go into effect on August 19, according to a news release from the town. No reason was given for his resignation. .

Now the village of Melbourne, population 822, must decide whether to rebuild its police station or extend its contract with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Rest assured that regardless of the final direction the town chooses, town residents and businesses will always continue to receive comprehensive law enforcement and police protection services.

“The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office will provide professional law enforcement and police protection services immediately within the town’s municipal boundaries so your coverage will never expire,” the town said in a release. “In fact, over the years, the BCSO has covered many shifts perfectly.”

The town of Melbourne Village, about 110 kilometers southeast of Orlando, isn’t the first time police stations have been wiped out by widespread resignations.

In July, most of the town police in Kenly, North Carolina, resigned due to conflict Newly hired town manager Justin Jones said the department was “understaffed and stressed,” according to the News Observer. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office stepped in to serve the community after most officers resigned.

NC Town seeks new police chief as resignation, allegations investigation concludes

in the in Colorado in the same month The Springfield police chief resigned along with all officers, citing job opportunities elsewhere and “personal reasons,” KKTV reported.

And less than a year later, Missouri’s police department collapsed after Kimberling’s police chief and his officers resigned. without “immediate authority”, Hill reported in September 2021. Mayor Kimberling called his resignation “unexpected” and said the short notice was “disappointing”.

According to the Senior Police Research Forum, Police resignation rate jumps 18% Between 2020 and 2021. The police also found they were hiring fewer people on average than they had in previous years.

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