Flying certified flying car, paving the way for mass production of “very efficient flying cars”

Hybrid cars and planes, known as “Air Cars,” have been issued airworthiness certificates by Slovak civilian aviation authorities and have the potential to pave the way for the future of flying cars.

Dual Mode Cars That Look Like Sports Cars-The Aircraft was created by a team of eight highly skilled professionals from a Slovak company. Klein Vision, Founded by Professor Stephen Crane.

For the past 20 years, Klein has been dedicated to making flying cars a reality.

In a statement, Kleinvision was awarded a certificate by the Slovak Transport Authority after successfully completing a “rigorous flight test compatible with European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards” for 70 hours.pdf).

Flight tests include more than 200 takeoffs and landings, and a full range of various flight and performance operations that Kleinvision states has demonstrated “amazing static and dynamic stability in airplane mode.” Was there.

The company said the takeoff and landing procedures were accomplished without the pilot having to touch the flight controls.

A team of experts has spent more than 100,000 people transforming an aircraft design into a mathematical model to create the final two-seater 1,000-kilogram (2,200-pound) vehicle with a 1.6-liter BMW engine. It took.

“AirCar certification opens the door to highly efficient mass production of flying cars. This is official and the final confirmation of the ability to transform medium-distance travel forever,” Audi, Volkswagen said. , Klein, who is in charge of research projects in collaboration with brands such as BMW, said.

“Transportation authorities have carefully monitored every stage of their own AirCar development since its inception in 2017. Transportation safety is our number one priority. AirCar is a safety measure and best in line with EASA standards. Combining the innovations of Said.

society Told to CNN I hope the AirCar will be on the market within 12 months, but I need a pilot’s license to drive a hybrid car. That is, you won’t see many flying cars right away.

Anton Zajac, co-founder of KleinVision, said the vehicle can fly at maximum operating altitudes of 18,000 feet and run on “fuel sold at any gas station.”

AirCar successfully completed its first 35-minute intercity flight between the airport in Nitra and Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, last June.

It took less than three minutes to return to the sports car after landing, reducing travel time by half.

Klein Vision has also completed testing of the powerful and lightweight “ADEPT” aircraft aero engine, drawing and technical calculations for the next monocock model with variable pitch propellers capable of reaching speeds and ranges in excess of 300 kph (186 mph). I completed it. Of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles).

Catabella Roberts


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