Food at the Royal Military College is often spoiled and the kitchen was formerly infested with rodents: Sauce

Food served to naval and cadets at the Royal Military Academy of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario, is often spoiled or of poor quality, according to sources, and one of the university’s dining areas , previously closed due to rodent infestation. information.

The Epoch Times received written testimony, along with photographs depicting some of the meals served at RMC in late 2022, from sources with access to the university who provided the information on condition of anonymity.

Photos showed half-rotten strawberries, moldy bread products such as English muffins and tortillas, undercooked chicken and overcooked beef.

The source also provided written testimony from other RMC residents who said certain buildings were infested with rats, snakes and rats.

The source added that one of the university’s cafeterias was temporarily closed in 2022 due to high rodent numbers.

“There is a building called Fort Sove, colloquially called the Poverty Sove,” the source wrote, adding, “The Cadet Dining Hall was infested with rats and residents were forced to move to another building with a modified tent.” I had to eat in the makeshift kitchens of the children, including feeding them their lunches.”

Navy and officer cadets who are required to reside on campus must pay about $600 a month to eat at designated cafeterias, according to sources.

‘quality management’

A photograph provided to The Epoch Times is said to depict snakes and rats found inside the RMC building, but the material was not further authenticated.

A complaint was provided to the Department of Defense (DND) for comment.

“Quality control issues [food] Suppliers are known to occur at our institution from time to time,” a DND spokesperson said in an email to The Epoch Times.

“RMC had to work with our suppliers and staff to rectify the issues and ensure food quality standards are met. Any issues that arise will be addressed as timely as possible.”

The ministry added that it noticed the “presence of small animals” around some university buildings in July 2022 and temporarily closed kitchens to resolve the issue.

“Cadet Canteen and Kitchen reopened on September 16 after health officials confirmed there was no more physical evidence of the presence of rodents,” DND said.

DND added that all food served at the College must be approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and also meet the requirements outlined in the Canadian Forces (CAF) Food Quality Specifications. .

“Additionally, CAF preventive medicine specialists conduct regular inspections of cadet canteen facilities to ensure that CAF food service standards are being met,” DND said. rice field.

“RMC and Cadet Canteen staff strive to provide Navy and Officer cadets, and all diners, with nutritious and balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

The Epoch Times previously reported on problems with buildings at the military base in Kingston, citing internal documents, which said some buildings had black mold and asbestos exposure, leaking water and regular lack of hot water. He said he was addressing safety concerns.