Food Network says it regrets providing a platform for former hosts who used sexist slurs to portray women


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The Food Network Show debuted in 2017. Amanda Edwards / Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.

  • Food Network kept away from a former host who portrayed a woman using a sexist slur.

  • Josh Denny hosted the short-lived show “Ginormous Food,” which debuted in 2017.

  • “”[W]I regret giving him a platform. “

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Friday’s Food Network tried to distance itself from its former host after portraying a woman using a sexist slur in a tweet discussing abortion.

Josh Denny, a podcaster and former host of “Ginormous Food,” said he opposed the idea that many women were unaware that they were pregnant within six weeks of pregnancy. He used a slur to describe the woman in that situation.

“For the Questioner: The partnership with Josh Denny ended a few years ago and deleted all episodes he hosted at that time,” Food Network said via. twitter.. “His view does not reflect our values ​​and we regret providing him with a platform.”

Denny’s comment was one of several comments he posted after the Supreme Court Refused to block Texas Restriction Law. Prohibit abortion 6 weeks later. Denny was joking and said he would “never apologize” for his brand comedy.

Denny responded to Food Network on Friday, suggesting that the network should send the shows generated for Network, a division of the Discovery Network, to “tens of millions of dollars in checks.”

“When you hired me, you knew my point of view and my comedy style,” he said on Twitter. “My view represents half the belief of this country.”

Insiders are asking Food Network for comment.

“Giant food” debut In January 2017, according to a tweet, it’s still on Food Network’s Twitter feed.According to Denny hosted 24 episodes IMDB..

At the show, Denny toured the country and visited popular restaurants with oversized dishes such as: 12 inch high hamburger Po boy called Big bye monster.

NS Top review IMDB comment: “I call myself a comedian, but I have the ability to comedy in the trash can. It’s actually a trash can.[s] It’s more interesting than this guy. “

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