“For democracy … we are not alone.”

Despite China’s growing military threat to Taiwan, democratic islands share common values ​​with many countries and are “not alone,” Taiwan officials said earlier this week. It was.

In an exclusive interview with the Epoch Times in Taipei, Dr. Shiing Jer Twu, Chairman of Taiwan’s Center for Biotechnology Development, talks about Beijing’s ongoing threat to invade and conquer free and democratic Taiwan. did.

The threat was posed by economists who called Taiwan “the most dangerous place on earth” on the cover because of concerns that Communist China could attempt a military takeover of Taiwan in the near future, perhaps within the next six years. Recently emphasized. According to Admiral Phil Davidson, who was the commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Army until April.
But Twu has pushed back the economist’s characterization.

“Economists say Taiwan is the most dangerous [place on Earth]—I don’t think it’s right, “he told the Epoch Times. He said the Economist headline, however, would help inform readers that Taiwan needs more help to protect itself from China’s intensifying military buildup and aggression. “If this [news] Absence, [people realize] “We have to help Taiwan more than ever, otherwise it looks very dangerous,” said Thu.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which claims to have Taiwan as part of its territory, has called for a military invasion of the island in recent months. Some analysts say it’s a test of the Biden administration to see if it takes. Corresponding concrete action. This year, Chinese troops sent multiple aircraft to Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) almost every day.

“If mainland China wants to attack Taiwan, of course we Taiwanese must say that Taiwan is an independent country. We are not yours. Don’t invade Taiwan This is not true, “said Twu, a former Taiwanese health minister, parliamentarian, and mayor of Taiwan’s largest city, Jiayi. “We have to protect ourselves.”

Epoch Times Photo
Two naval soldiers raised the Taiwanese flag at an official ceremony held at the Su’ao Shipyard in Yilan County, eastern Taiwan, on December 15, 2020. (SamYeh / AFP via Getty Images)

He found that Taiwan’s important strategic position at the midpoint of the first island chain, which extends from the Kuril Islands and Japan to Borneo, Indonesia, separates mainland Asia from the open ocean of the Pacific Ocean. I mentioned it as the main reason. A continuous desire to invade and control Taiwan.

“The location of Taiwan is a very important place, especially for the United States, because the United States is trying to create a” first island chain “to prevent or prevent the Communist Party of China from invading other countries.” Mr. Thu said. “If Taiwan is occupied by the Communist Party of China, they can make it like a military base and attack other countries from here.”

Twu also said the Chinese Communist Party sees Taiwan as a threat for its success as a Mandarin-speaking democracy. “Taiwan is a democratic country and a showcase all over the world,” he said. “I don’t think Communist China likes this very much, because here in Taiwan we can show that democracy is well practiced and well set.”

Twu said the Chinese Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan since its establishment in 1949, despite ambitious claims that Taiwan is part of its territory.

“China says [to Taiwan] “You belong to us,” Twu said. Then he asked, “Why does Taiwan belong to you? You were just founded in 1949 and have never ruled Taiwan or founded anything in Taiwan. We tax you Taiwan has an army, an army, a parliament, a president, everything, “he added.

Dr. Shiing Jer Twu.
Dr. Shiing Jer Twu. (Provided by Biotechnology Development Center)

The Chinese Communist Party, which is steadily increasing its military power, has rapidly increased tensions in recent years, including the invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone by the Chinese air force and military exercises to prepare for the invasion of Taiwan.

Regarding this threat, Twu said: “If the Communist China wants to invade Taiwan … it depends on its capabilities and capabilities. [the People’s Republic of China] Take Taiwan? “

Mr. Thu admitted that China’s military power is greater than that of Taiwan, but cited support from the United States and other allies for Taiwan and expressed skepticism about the CCP’s ability to overtake the threat.

“We are not alone because of democracy and the chain of islands,” he said. “Taiwan is not just dependent on military power. Taiwan has friends and good friends. We have the same democratic values ​​and the same island chain values. This Is very important. “

Kathy He contributed to this report.

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