Forced organ removal should be part of the US-China agenda: Religious officials

According to Gary Bauer of the U.S. International Religious Freedom Commission (USCIRF), the Chinese administration’s forced removal of organs from political and religious prisoners “is raised whenever the United States and the Communist Party of China stand in the negotiating table. It should be. “

“I think much of the world has long denied it, but the evidence that it is the engagement of the Communist Chinese is becoming overwhelming,” the commissioner said. Said in an interview with The Epoch Times on April 21st.

An independent committee of the annual report released on the same day called China one of the “terrible violators” of religious freedom in the world. Since 2006, government-approved organ removal claims have surfaced, and researchers and researchers are paying attention to China’s short waiting times and seemingly on-demand organ supply. After a year of investigation, the 2019 People’s Court concluded that this practice was “on a considerable scale” and that Falun Gong practitioners were “probably the primary source of information.”

“There is no evidence that the practice has been suspended,” the court said in a 160-page final decision issued last March.

In early March, a bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced a forced organ removal suspension law in the House and Senate to tackle the problem. Another USCIRF commissioner, Nury Turkel, warned at a virtual press conference Wednesday that coercive practices could extend to Uighur Muslims detained in internment camps.

“They sell Uighur organs in the majority of Muslim countries,” said Turkel, citing reports of short waiting times of 48 hours.

“The very idea that a powerful country like the Communist Party of China would harvest organs from persecuted prisoners and religious minorities in 2021 is almost unbelievable,” Bauer said.

Falun Gong, which gained immense popularity in China in the 1990s, has been brutally suppressed since 1999. For the past 22 years, followers have faced arrests, harassment, slave labor, and psychiatric drugs, among other things. A method of pain created to force them to abandon their faith. Experts have observed that the same method of persecution has become a blueprint for the Chinese administration to suppress other religious groups, especially Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region.

“The Chinese Communist Party is under serious threat whenever any of its citizens are devoted to a philosophy or belief that is more important to them than the Chinese Communist Party,” Bauer said.

“Enemy of religious freedom”

The treatment of Uighurs by the Chinese administration in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is drawing attention all over the world. Legislatures in the United States and elsewhere are calling for the Olympics to be moved from Beijing so as not to give the administration a platform to whiten its image.

While supporting such sentiment, USCIRF Vice-Chairman Tony Perkins said communist China’s repression of human rights is much broader and the Christian community has exacerbated persecution in recent years. Both Perkins and Gale Manchin were subject to Chinese sanctions for speaking about the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Mr Perkins told The Epoch Times on Wednesday. “It’s hard to trust the Chinese government,” considering “what they are doing to their people” in China and abroad.

From the Commission’s point of view, “we see them as hostile organizations as enemies of religious freedom, not as allies or colleagues,” he added.

In 2020, persecution will kill at least 42 Falun Gong practitioners, of whom 92 are the oldest. Minghui.orgA US-based clearinghouse that collects direct evidence of persecution.

Mr Bauer said such reports were “extremely disturbing.”

“This is unacceptable. Civilized nations are not engaged in this kind of horrific activity,” he said.

“The Communist Chinese government feels it can do whatever it wants to hurt, hurt, or hurt the people they live in,” he added. “It’s ridiculous and we have to stop.”

“A big choice for the world in the 21st century” is “Falun Gong, freedom and human beings represented by the United States and other Western nations, as opposed to the oppressive model of the Communist Party China, which routinely persecutes Islam. It will be a choice between dignity, “he said. , Christians, Buddhists, and many other groups. “

April 25th marked the 22nd anniversary of the peaceful Falun Gong appeal, and 10,000 followers gathered at the Communist Party leadership headquarters in Zhongnanhai to seek their belief rights. In doing so, Bauer expressed his hope that international human rights groups would speak on behalf of the group and take advantage of opportunities to help end ongoing abuse.

“Falun Gong and other groups and the Communist Party of China should have the right to gather peacefully and obey the orders of their hearts,” he said.

“I hope in my life the day will come when all the people living under the Chinese Communist Party will be free and will have all the basic freedoms and rights we take for granted here in the United States. The state. “

Sherry Don contributed to this report.

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