Ford and Hewlett-Packard cooperate to use 3D printed waste to make parts for F-250 trucks

Ford 3D printing


In terms of the use of materials, 3D printing is already an extremely environmentally friendly production method with very little waste. But even so, it is inevitable that some excess materials or powdery waste will remain.nowFord Motor Company doesn’t even spare this little extra material., Together with Hewlett-Packard and three other companies, will use the remaining 3D printing powder and parts, and then use it in injection-molded plastic parts.

The first component to use this new technology is nothing particularly powerful. It is only the fasteners used to fix the fuel pipes in the F-250 truck. However, Ford still claims that these fasteners can save 10% of the cost compared with traditional manufacturing methods. Resistant to chemical substances and moisture, and equally durable. Of course, on the whole, this may be just a small amount of money for a small place, but the important thing is that Ford is declaring sustainability and environmental protection, no matter how small it is, it will not let it go. Ford also stated that after confirming the reliability of recycled parts, it will introduce similar parts to at least 10 models in the future.